Prescreening Process

Many programs at Manhattan School of Music (MSM) require the submission of prescreening materials in order to be invited to an audition. Your prescreening videos must be uploaded directly to your online application which must be submitted by December 1st. We will send you an email, no later than January 5th, when your prescreening results are available on your MSM Admissions Portal.

Singers and instrumentalists will need to upload video recordings; composers will need to convert their audio files to video files and submit them along with PDFs of the accompanying scores.

Current MSM students and precollege students (excluding OP Flute or DMA Piano applicants) who are applying directly to another MSM program are exempt from submitting prescreening videos.

To find out if your instrument is prescreened and to see the requirements for your instrument, please see below. If your instrument is not listed, you do not have a prescreening requirement.


Classical Cello
Classical Clarinet
Classical Composition
Classical Conducting - Choral
Classical Conducting - Orchestral
Classical Double Bass
Classical Flute
Classical Piano
Classical Percussion
Classical Viola 
Classical Viola Zukerman Program
Classical Violin
Classical Violin Zukerman Program
Classical Voice


Orchestral Cello
Orchestral Double Bass
Orchestral Clarinet
Orchestral Flute
Orchestral Percussion
Orchestral Violin


Jazz – DMA in Jazz Arts Advancement
Jazz Bass
Jazz Composition
Jazz Drum set and Hand Percussion
Jazz Guitar
Jazz Piano
Jazz Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute
Jazz Trombone
Jazz Trumpet and Horn
Jazz Vibraphone
Jazz Violin, Viola, and Cello
Jazz Voice