Returning International Applicants (all non-U.S. Citizens/Eligible Non-Citizens)

Returning International Citizens

Financial Aid Application Deadline: May 1st

All students must reapply for institutional scholarships every year.  All Returning International students are required to complete the International Affidavit of Support to meet this requirement.

Financial Aid Process and Procedures

The financial aid process can be intimidating, especially when you have no idea where you are in the process, what else needs to be completed, or when you will find anything out. This section will help you understand the financial aid process and time frame from start to finish.

Complete the Applications

Prior to the May 1st financial aid application due date, be sure to complete the Affidavit of Support.  Submit this form via email to the Office of Financial Aid.  If you have any questions we are here to help. Call us at 917-493-4809 or email at

Review of the Applications

During the months of May and June the Office of Financial Aid is completing a review of your financial aid application and prior year academic transcripts. It is during this time that we are analyzing the information to determine both types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible to receive. Returning students are typically notified by mid-June of their financial aid eligibility for the upcoming academic year. 

If you have not received this notification by mid-June something might be missing or was not received. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine what is needed.

Getting Ready for the School Year

All you have to do to accept your financial aid/scholarship funds is return a signed copy of the Financial Aid Notification Letter that was emailed to you to accept the types, amounts, and conditions of your financial aid awards.

Financial Aid on My Bill

Financial Aid will be applied to your bill only if we have received your signed Financial Aid Notification Letter. Your financial aid will be posted as "Anticipated" financial aid on your student Billing Worksheet found at> College Student> My Info.

 Please...ask questions about anything you do not understand about any part of our application process or your financial aid. We understand that the scholarship/financial aid process can be, at times, frustrating and intimidating. We want to assist and support you from start to finish. It is our goal to make applying for scholarship and financial aid as pleasant and painless as possible. If you have suggestions or comments, or if you experience problems, please call our office at 917-493-4809. Financial Aid counselors are available to assist you.