Edward Green

A professor at Manhattan School of Music since 1984, Dr. Green has given courses here in ethnomusicology, jazz composition, music history, and the humanities. He received his Ph.D. from N.Y.U. with a musicological thesis on the late vocal music of Haydn and Mozart. In composition, Dr. Green is largely self-taught; in the field of aesthetics his most important teacher was the renowned philosopher Eli Siegel.

Edward Green’s music is available on several labels, including Albany Records (Concerto in C for Trumpet and Orchestra), Arizona University Recordings (Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Strings), and North/South Consonance Records (Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra). Among his compositional honors are first prize in the International Kodály Composers Competition for his Brass Quintet; a Delius award for his Genesis Variations for solo guitar; and a Grammy nomination for his Piano Concertino. His recent commissions include Music for Shakespeare (Minnesota Sinfonia) and his Symphony for Concert Band (a consortium of several leading American university bands). Active also in theater and film, Dr. Green is staff composer for the Aesthetic Realism Theater Company and for Imagery Films, whose director is the Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ken Kimmelman.

With publications on subjects as diverse as the medieval troubadour Marcabru, the musical theater of Richard Rodgers, and such avant-garde figures as Harry Partch and Giacinto Scelsi, Edward Green is a wide-ranging musicologist; in 2011 he received the signal honor of being named a Senior Specialist in American Music by the Fulbright Foundation. He is editor of China and the West: The Birth of a New Music (Shanghai Conservatory Press) and of the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Duke Ellington and has guest edited and contributed to special numbers of the Journal of Musicological Research (on Haydn) and the Journal of Popular Music History (on Bernard Herrmann).