Precollege Scholarships

Scholarship gifts make it possible for talented young students to attend the Precollege Division at Manhattan School of Music. Since funding for qualified students is limited, these gifts are essential to our School. We strive to offer all possible opportunities to our students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

For the 2014–2015 academic year, tuition for the Precollege Division is $8,200. Named scholarships are either endowed, to provide permanent support, or annual, to offer immediate aid. Scholarships may be named for the donor or in honor or memory of someone.

Establishing a Named Annual Precollege Scholarship

Annual scholarships for Precollege students may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000 and may be designated to a specific area of study. Annual funds are awarded to students until all monies in the fund are distributed, usually in a single year.

Establishing a Named Endowed Precollege Scholarship

An endowed Precollege scholarship requires a minimum gift of $25,000. The principal is permanently invested and its earned income is awarded to a student as scholarship money. Earned income rates vary annually. Naming an endowed Precollege scholarship after a loved one is a meaningful tribute to a person who has enriched our lives. A named endowed scholarship (such as the existing ones below) also introduces Manhattan School of Music as well as the Precollege scholarship recipient to the legacy and life of the honoree.

Giving to an Exisiting Endowed Precollege Scholarship Fund

Precollege named endowed scholarships, established in honor of and with gratitude to the following distinguished faculty members and cherished friends, are given out every year in perpetuity. Additional funding for each of these named endowed scholarships increases the amount awarded to Precollege scholarship students each year.

Karen Beardsley and Maitland Peters Endowed Precollege Voice Scholarship
Established in honor of these distinguished and cherished Precollege faculty members.

Dianne Danese Flagello Endowed Precollege Scholarship (all disciplines)
Created in honor of Dianne Flagello, beloved Director of the Precollege Division for 25 years, on the occasion of her retirement from Manhattan School of Music. The Flagello Scholarship is awarded annually to students on any instrument.

Marion Feldman Endowed Precollege Cello Scholarship
Created in 1998 to celebrate faculty member Marion Feldman, master cellist and pedagogue. The Feldman Award is given to one or more Precollege cellists every year.

Rosetta Goodkind Endowed Precollege Piano Scholarship
Created to commemorate esteemed piano pedagogue Rosetta Goodkind, a teacher in the Precollege Division for 37 years, who passed away in July 2011. The Goodkind Scholarship is awarded to one or two Precollege pianists every year.

Constance Keene Endowed Precollege Piano Scholarship
Established in 2011 in memory of Constance Keene, a beloved member of the piano faculty who taught at Manhattan School of Music from 1969 to 2005. This scholarship is awarded to a pianist annually.

Patinka Kopec Endowed Precollege Violin Scholarship
Established in 2012 in honor of the pedagogical excellence of violinist Patinka Kopec. The Kopec Scholarship is given to one or more Precollege violinists every year.

Sassa Maniotis Endowed Precollege Piano Scholarship
Sassa Maniotis was the embodiment of musical inspiration & direction. She incited a love and passion of music as the center of my life which lead me ultimately to NYC, to Manhattan School of Music and beyond. It is with great honor and respect for her that this scholarship was created by her student and Precollege faculty member Delana Thomsen.

Carl Owen Memorial Endowed Scholarship (all disciplines)
Established in memory of Carl Owen by his family and friends.

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"I feel like I am growing up at MSM! My teachers love to teach me and I have fun learning from them. MSM is a really special place for me. Being at MSM is like being home, with a whole lot more space to practice!"

Sujari Britt, cello