Precollege Scholarships

Scholarship gifts make it possible for talented young students to attend the Precollege Division at Manhattan School of Music. Since funding for qualified students is limited, these gifts are essential to our School. We strive to offer all possible opportunities to our students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

For the 2014–2015 academic year, tuition for the Precollege Division is $8,200. Named scholarships are either endowed, to provide permanent support, or annual, to offer immediate aid. Scholarships may be named for the donor or in honor or memory of someone.

Establishing a Named Annual Precollege Scholarship

Annual scholarships for Precollege students may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000, pledged for two consecutive years, and may be designated to a specific area of study. Annual funds are awarded to students until all monies in the fund are distributed, usually in a single year.

Establishing a Named Endowed Precollege Scholarship

An endowed Precollege scholarship requires a minimum gift of $25,000. The principal is permanently invested and its earned income is awarded to a student as scholarship money. Earned income rates vary annually. Naming an endowed Precollege scholarship after a loved one is a meaningful tribute to a person who has enriched our lives. A named endowed scholarship also introduces Manhattan School of Music as well as the Precollege scholarship recipient to the legacy and life of the honoree.

"I feel like I am growing up at MSM! My teachers love to teach me and I have fun learning from them. MSM is a really special place for me. Being at MSM is like being home, with a whole lot more space to practice!"

Sujari Britt, cello