The four-year undergraduate program of study in humanities is designed to prepare professional musicians for a full life as cultured citizens. All students in the undergraduate degree program are required to take 24 credits (voice students, 21) distributed among humanities core and elective classes. Students are trained to think and write clearly, to analyze carefully, and to read the basic texts of the Western cultural tradition. Advanced courses include multicultural interdisciplinary classes that combine music, art, and literature.

Specific courses and degree sequence plans can be found in the Course Catalog.

Humanities Department Handbook

The Humanities Department Handbook provides essential information that will enable students to streamline their progress through the humanities program at Manhattan School of Music. Included here are descriptions of humanities core seminars, humanities lectures, and humanities electives; a designation of the humanities requirements for international students; sections describing options for independent study and tutoring; and instructions on how to secure transfer credit for college courses taken at other schools. We hope that by accessing this handbook you are able to familiarize yourself with what the humanities program offers at Manhattan School of Music and thereby better understand the ways in which the study of the humanities can enrich your lives as creative artists.



John Pagano