Woodwind majors are provided with a wide array of performance opportunities and courses taught by a faculty of dedicated teachers and performers. The programs of study for woodwind majors are designed to develop skilled performers who are familiar with the standard solo, ensemble, and orchestral literature for their instruments. Students will achieve a high degree of professional competence and learn appropriate stylistic approaches to the literature of various historical periods. In addition to studies with our expert faculty, students are provided additional opportunities to play for and observe world-renowned guest artists.

We are fortunate to have the wind quintet Windscape in residence at Manhattan School of Music. The ensemble–whose members are flutist Tara O’Connor, oboist Randall Ellis, clarinetist Alan R. Kay, hornist David Jolley, and bassoonist Frank Morelli–gives a series of concerts and supervises a group of student chamber ensembles.

Specific courses and degree sequence plans can be found in the Course Catalog.

Woodwind Department Handbook


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Audition procedures and repertoire

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Linda Chesis

Department Chair

Woodwinds Faculty

Linda Chesis  (Flute)
Robert Botti  (Oboe)
Paul Cohen  (Saxophone)
Alan Kay  (Clarinet)
David Krakauer  (Clarinet)
Robert Langevin  (Flute)
Kim Laskowski  (Bassoon)
Marya Martin  (Flute)
Anthony McGill  (Clarinet)
Frank Morelli  (Bassoon)
Charles Neidich  (Clarinet)
Roger Nye  (Bassoon)
Tara O'Connor  (Flute)
Michael Parloff  (Flute)
William Short  (Bassoon)
James Austin Smith  (Oboe)
Stephen Taylor  (Oboe)
Liang Wang  (Oboe)