Bass Audition

Audition Procedures

Undergraduate auditions are approximately 10 minutes in length, graduate are 15 minutes, and doctoral are 30 minutes. Each applicant chooses his/her first work and the faculty will choose a second and possibly third work from the audition repertoire list provided by the applicant. An accompanist is not provided for auditions. If applicants wish to bring their own accompanist, they may do so. Memorization of repertoire other than sonatas and orchestral excerpts is recommended, though not required.

Audition Requirements


  • Major or minor scale and arpeggio, three octaves, of applicant's choice.
  • Two contrasting movements of a baroque sonata, or first movement of a standard concerto and an additional contrasting movement or work.
  • One etude on the level of Bille, Simandl, Storch-Hrabe, or Sturm.
  • One orchestral excerpt of the applicant's choice.


  • Three contrasting works of different style periods, which must include either a complete concerto or a sonata.
  • Three significant orchestral excerpts.

Orchestral Performance (Graduate Program)

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Doctoral and Professional Studies Audition Requirements

  • Four complete, contrasting recital works, including the twentieth or twenty-first century.
  • Three significant orchestral excerpts