Choral Conducting

Choral Conducting Prescreening

All applicants for the graduate degrees (MM, PS, DMA) in choral conducting are required to upload videos for prescreening purposes in order to be considered for a live audition. Prescreening videos must be clearly labeled and should be uploaded directly to the online application by Dec. 1. Later submission may be possible by arrangement with the Admissions Office. Applicants should also send a professional resume and a description of the contents of the videos to the conducting counselor, Christina Quental, at When describing the videos, please list what works are being conducted; what group is being conducted; the applicant’s relationship to this group (i.e. regular conductor/music director of a performing ensemble; member of a conducting class leading a student group; etc.); and whether this is this a rehearsal or a performance.

Audition Repertoire for Prescreening

Applicants should upload a total of 4 videos in the following order:

    One video showing rehearsal of a Renaissance, Baroque or Classical era work

    One video showing performance of a Renaissance era a cappella work

    One video showing performance of a Baroque or a Classic era work

    One video showing performance of a piece of your own choosing

The camera should be pointed straight at you in all videos, rather than the ensemble, so that faculty can observe your gestures and expressions.


Those applicants who pass the prescreen audition will be invited to come to New York for an in-person audition in March. Applicants will have a 20 minute audition followed by a brief interview with the conducting faculty. The audition is broken down as follows:

  • Applicants will have 10 minutes to rehearse/conduct 2 standard choral pieces; the applicant will be notified of the 2 pieces at least 1 month prior to their audition
  • Applicants will have 10 minutes to teach and rehearse an a cappella SATB contemporary piece of his/her choice; applicants will need to supply the music at the audition

Applicants who live far from New York City may request a video audition, though a live audition is always in the best interest of the applicant.