Internship Program

The MSM Internship program is designed to offer students practical “real world” experience and the opportunity to cultivate the skills and contacts necessary to succeed in the professional marketplace. Because of the concentration of prominent arts organizations and national service agencies in NYC, MSM students have a terrific array of possibilities to enhance their education. Internships for current students are arranged for one semester at a time for varied college credit hours, depending on the scope of the work and the schedule.

How do I apply?

Review the internship file of available programs at the Center for Music Entrepreneurship and select a short list of organizations of interest to you.

Set up an appointment with Angela Myles Beeching, coordinator of the internship program and Director of the Center for Music Entrepreneurship by calling her at 917 493 4474 or emailing She will provide additional information about the organizations you select and will determine whether openings are available for the semester desired.

Submit your résumé and cover letters to your selected organizations requesting internship interviews. Prepare as though you were interviewing for a paid staff position (see below for preparation tips).

How do I get academic credit?

In addition to the procedure above, students who want to get academic credit for an internship should register for “Internship” ME2500 for credit. Please see Angela Myles Beeching before registering: approval is required It is best to come in early to arrange the internship of your choice.

After finding the right fit with an organization, you will be given an internship contract for the semester, to be signed by you, your staff supervisor, and Ms. Beeching.

During the internship, keep an ongoing log of work done, contacts made, observations about the specific organization, and copies of written materials you produce.

Send updates and responses to Angela Beeching about the progress of your internship and the work you’re doing.

At the end of the semester, submit a final paper (3 pages) describing and assessing your internship experience: what you learned, what you accomplished, what surprised you, etc.

What attributes do supervisors look for in an intern candidate?

Basic office skills and experience
Punctuality — will call ahead if there’s a problem.
Someone motivated, enthusiastic about the work
Someone interested in learning
Someone who will get along well with other staff