Center for Music Entrepreneurship

Spring 2016 Setting the Stage Workshops

Jan 12 & 13 | Tues & Wed | 10am – 12:30pm
Pforzheimer & Miller Recital Halls 
The Opera Singer as Educator
presented with MSM’s Office of Community Partnerships and Opera Studio

Jan 21 | Thursday | 10 – 11:50am | Mikowsky Recital Hall
Entrepreneurial Musicians Tell All:
Creative solutions for starting your own venture, including a focus on new ensembles, series, and festivals 
with Ana García Caraballos (MM 2013), Alyssa Greengrass (MM 2015), and Eric Umble (BM 2014)
presented with Woodwind Lab

Jan 27 | Wednesday | 1:30 – 2:50pm | Miller Recital Hall
Creating Your Career Path: Designing Your Future
with MSM Faculty Tony DeMare (BM 1980) and Ruth Golden
part of CME’s Practical Foundations Class

Jan 29 | Friday | 12noon – 2 pm | Miller Recital Hall
For International Students: Life After Your F-1/J-1 Visa
with immigration lawyer Matthew Galati, from the firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP
presented with MSM’s Office of International Student Services

Feb 1 | Mon | 2 – 3:50 pm | Room 512
Transforming Lives through Music: Effectively Performing for Adults with Dementia
a training session presented by MSM’s Office of Community Partnerships and Alzheimer's Association New York City Chapter

Feb 3 | Wed | 6:30 – 8 pm | Mikowsky Recital Hall
Building your career today: a presenter and donor perspective
with Piers Playfair, Founder/Artistic Director at 23Arts Initiative & Catskill Jazz Factory

Feb 16 | Tues | 10:30 – 11:50 am | Mikowsky Recital Hall
Grantwriting Tips for Musicians
with Chamber Music America's Susan Dadian
part of CME’s Advanced Entrepreneurship Practicum

Feb 24 | Wed | 4:30 – 6:30 pm | Miller Recital Hall 
Musicians of Color: Inspiring Stories of Music and Significance
presented with Student Engagement

Feb 25 & 26 | Thurs & Fri | 10 – 11:50 am | Mikowsky Recital Hall
Becoming your own best teacher:
Mindset, motivation, and learning strategies for peak performance

with clarinetist Dr. Christine Carter (PS 2008, DMA 2013)
presented with Woodwind Lab

Feb 26 | Fri | 5 – 6 pm | Room 511
An Entrepreneurial Musician's Path:
Researching & recording re-discovered works by Ernst Bacon

with guitarist Bradley Colten (DMA 2014)
presented with Reiko Fueting's Studio Class

March 16 | Wed | 7 – 8:30 pm | Ades Performance Space
Collaborative Pianists at the Met and Beyond: Best Practice for Working with Singers
presented with the Accompanying Department

March 17 | Thurs | 4:30 – 5:50 pm | Ades Performance Space
Choral Audition Knowhow
presented with Choral Activities

March 23 | Wed | 1:30 – 2:50 pm | Miller Recital Hall
How to Find and Create More Performances
with Maeve Höglund (MM 2007), Adam Larson (BM 2012, MM 2014), Sakura Myers (MM 2008)
part of CME’s Practical Foundations Class 

March 24 | Thurs | 10 – 11:50 am | Myers Recital Hall
Commercial Music for Flutists: Develop a Versatile Career
with Janet Axelrod (MM 1987)
presented with Woodwind Lab

March 31 | Thurs | 3 – 4:20 pm | Miller Recital Hall
Composer Collaborations: collectives, series, and ways to pool resources
presented with Composers Forum

April 5 | Tues | 10:30 – 11:50 am | Mikowsky Recital Hall
Marketing for Musicians: Websites and Social Media Marketing
with Peter McDowell
part of CME’s Advanced Entrepreneurship Practicum

April 18 | Mon | 2 – 3:30 pm | Room 512
Bringing the Arts to Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease
Rhythm Break Cares -- an organization of professional dances -- shares best practices.
presented by MSM's Outreach Department 

April 26 | Tues | 4:30 – 7 pm | Room 609
New Opera / Young Singers: Getting it Right in the Professional World
with composers Mark Adamo and John Musto (BM '76 / MM '80 / 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient), dramaturg Cori Ellison ('79), Opera America's Director of Artistic Services Laura Lee Everett; moderated by MSM's Miriam Charney, Director, Contemporary Opera Ensemble
presented with MSM's Contemporary Opera Ensemble

Fall 2015 Setting the Stage Workshops

*workshops featuring MSM alumni 

Singers’ Professional Development Workshops*
Sept 14–18 | 9:30–12:30 PM | Miller
Presented with Opera Theater

The workings of a new music ensemble* with members of loadbang
Sept 18 | Fri | 3–6 PM | Ades
Presented with the Contemporary Performance Program

Orchestral Audition Know How with Noa Kageyama
Sept 24 | Thur | 12:30–1:50 PM | Mikowsky
Part of CME’s Orchestral Entrepreneurship class

How to Thrive as an Ensemble with Windscape*
Sept 28 | Mon | 7:30–9 PM | Mikowsky
Open rehearsal and career Q&A

Using YouTube to Promote Your Music
Sept 29 | Tues | 4–5 PM | Residence Hall, 6th Floor
Presented with the Residence Life

Public Speaking for Musicians* with Adam Marks
Oct 7 | Wed | 1:15–2:50 PM | Miller
Part of CME’s Practical Foundations class

Contemporary Performance Careers Unpacked with Elliot Cole
Oct 9 | Fri | 3–4:30 PM | Miller
Presented with the Contemporary Performance Program

Creative Leadership for Musicians with Ian Temple
CANCELLED Oct 13 | Tue | 6–7:30 PM | Miller
to be rescheduled  

Collaborative Pianists: Transitioning from Student to Pro*
Oct 14 | Wed | 6:30–8 PM | Miller
Presented with the Accompanying Department

Booking & Promoting Your Own Performances*
Oct 21 | Wed | 1:50–2:50 PM | Miller
Part of CME’s Practical Foundations class

Applying to Grad Schools: Do it right!*
Oct 21 | Wed | 7–8:30 PM | Ades
Presented with Residence Life’s “The More You Know” programming

Launching Your Musical Venture with James Austin Smith
Oct 27 | Tues | 5–6:30 PM | Miller

Composing a Life after MSM: composition alumni insight*
Nov 5 | Thur | 3–4:20 PM | Miller
Presented with Composers’ Forum

Private Teaching Studio Success: Online & In-Person*
Nov 5 | Thur | 6–7:30 PM | Miller

MSM Friends & Family Career Panel*
Nov 12 | Thur | 4–5:30 PM | Miller
Presented with Student Engagement & Alumni Affairs

Building Your Orchestral Career with Diane Wittry
Dec 3 | Thur | 12:30–1:50 PM | Mikowsky
Part of CME’s Orchestral Entrepreneurship class

Taking the Stage: Voice Alumni panel*
Dec 4 | Fri | 1–2:50 PM | Pforzheimer
Presented with Singers’ Introduction to Performance class

Setting the Stage Credit

All Bachelor of Music students as well as Master of Music and Professional Studies candidates in Accompanying, Contemporary Performance, Orchestral Performance, and Orchestral Conducting are required to attend five Setting the Stage events by the time they graduate.

To receive credit for attending an on-campus workshop, students need to attend more than half of the event and also be present at the end of the session to have their MSM ID scanned.

Off-Campus & Webinar Opportunities

In addition to on-campus events, credit is available for attending select off-campus professional development events, especially through Chamber Music America, Fractured Atlas, the Foundation Center, Opera America, and other service organizations. After identifying a potential event, contact the CME at least three days before the event for approval and details about simple requirements to receive credit; they will be similar to the webinar requirements outlined below. 

Students graduating this semester who are unable to attend enough live events to fulfill the requirement can take advantage of web-based opportunities available through:
Chamber Music America
Foundation Center
New York Foundation for the Arts
Polyphonic (webinars presented by MSM faculty are not eligible)

To receive credit students will need to use the links above to view webinars of at least 50 minutes in length and then complete this form after each webinar viewed:

Friday, April 29, 2016 is the last day to submit write-ups to receive credit for May 2016 graduates.


Angela Myles Beeching, CME Director
Casey Molino Dunn, CME Deputy Director
Rosa Li, CME Coordinator

917 493 4502
Room 121, next to the main entrance
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