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By all accounts, the recent Alumni Reunions were big successes. Hundreds of alumni and their guests have come from all over the world and enjoyed seeing old friends and former faculty members

Read some comments from alumni who attended Reunions in the past View and download photos taken at past reunions - Photos by Brian Hatton (MM '08):2015 Alumni Reunion: October 26, 2015 2013 Alumni Reunion: October 18, 20132012 Alumni Reunion: October 19, 2012 2011 Alumni Reunion: October 14, 20112010 Alumni Reunion: October 15, 2010

“Kudos, congratulations, and many cheers for the fantastic job you and everyone who worked on the 90th … did to make it so successful. There was a real excitement at the events I attended, and it seems as tho’ you got a lot of the ‘right people’ back… I was so honored to be there.”

—Ann McKinney

“GREAT reunion… Lovely party and a very nice program by the young singers in Greenfield.”

—Suzanne Schwing

“Congratulations on producing such an extraordinary, successful and fun alumni event!”

—Claire Heldrich