Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for preparing, processing and making payments to vendors in a timely manner. Payments are made in accordance with the Accounts Payable Schedule.
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Student Topics

Refund of Housing Deposits
Refunds for housing deposits (less any fines and/or fees) are issued in June and made payable only to the student. It is highly important that all mailing addresses are verified prior to moving out of Andersen Hall. In the event that you do not receive your check, please contact the Director of Residence Life at 917-493-4161.

Reimbursements for Student Workers
If you are a student worker and your supervisor has authorized a reimbursement to you for anything over $25 please review the Accounts Payable Schedule for the possible issue date. Conversly, if you are expecting the reimbursement for anything less than $25 please visit Office A-442.

Paychecks for Student Workers
If you are a student worker inquiring about a paycheck you must visit Eileen Quinn in the Payroll Office, Office A-426. Please note Accounts Payable is not Accounts Receivable (Bursar). If you are looking for information regarding Student Accounts please visit the Student Accounts webpage.