Precollege Division Recording

Myers Recording Studio offers many recording services for the Precollege Division, including student and studio recital recordings, private recording sessions, Precollege ensemble concert recordings and CD copy orders.  Please follow the guidelines below to schedule recording services for you or your student.

2014-15 Recording Saturdays

Recording services for the Precollege Division are offered on the following Recording Saturdays only. If a Precollege Saturday is not listed, recording services are not available on that date. Please plan accordingly when scheduling recitals and preparing audition materials.

FALL 2014

September 27
October 11, 18, 25
November 15, 22
December 20


February 7
March 14, 21, 28
April 11, 25
May 9, 16

Please be aware that if there are no confirmed recording services scheduled two weeks prior to a Recording Saturday, that Recording Saturday will be cancelled and recording services will no longer be offered.


Recital Recordings

Myers Recording Studio can make audio recordings of Precollege recitals that take place in Greenfield Hall, Miller Recital Hall, Pforzheimer Hall, Mikowsky Hall and the Bossi-Comelli Studio. All recitals are recorded in standard stereo format to audio CD only. Myers Recording Studio does not offer any video recording services, but the Precollege Office can provide a listing of approved professional videographers for hire upon request.

To request a recording for your studio or senior recital, students or parent/guardians should submit a Recital Recording Request Form directly to the Precollege Office. Payment for all recital recordings is due by check only when submitting the request form; credit card payments are not accepted.

You are strongly encouraged to submit your recording request as soon as you receive your recital date as all recording services are available on a first come, first served basis and are dependent on studio and personnel availability.

Recital recording requests that are submitted within 2 weeks of the recital date will incur a $40 late fee. This fee is due when submitting the request form in addition to the standard recital recording fee.

Submitting the Recital Recording Request Form does not guarantee a student recital recording. The form will be sent to the Distance Learning and Recording Arts Department to be processed and approved and you will be notified within five business days as to whether or not the studio will be able to honor your recording request.

If a recital recording request cannot be accommodated by Myers Recording Studio, all submitted recording payments will be returned in full.

Private Recording Sessions

Take advantage of the state-of-the-art digital audio recording facility and professional recording engineering staff of Myers Recording Studio and book a recording session to record audio for upcoming competitions, auditions or your next CD for family and friends.

Myers Recording Studio offers recording sessions on Precollege Recording Saturdays in Greenfield Hall, Pforzheimer Hall and Myers Recital Hall. All recordings are made in standard stereo format to audio CD. Myers Recording Studio does not offer video recording services, but the Precollege Office or Recording Services Manager can provide a listing of recommended videographers for hire upon request to record video during your recording session.

To schedule a recording session on a Recording Saturday, contact the Precollege Division directly at ext. 4492.

Precollege students may also book recording sessions at MSM on Sunday through Friday, when available. To schedule a recording session on a non-Saturday, contact the Recording Services Manager directly at ext. 4075 or

The Precollege Performance Coordinator or the Recording Services Manager will go over available recording session times with you and help you complete a Recording Session Request Form that will be sent to the Distance Learning and Recording Arts Department for approval.

Recording session times are extremely limited during the peak performance seasons throughout the academic year. Please plan ahead and schedule your recording session far in advance of any submission deadlines for auditions or competitions.

Payment for all private recording sessions is due at the end of the recording session by cash or check only; credit cards are not accepted.

Precollege Concert CD Purchases

Myers Recording Studio records many Precollege Division concerts throughout the year, as determined by the Precollege Division and the Distance Learning and Recording Arts Department. These include select orchestra, jazz ensemble and choir concerts in venues like Borden Auditorium, Greenfield Hall and Miller Recital Hall.

Parent/guardians that have a student that has performed in a recorded Precollege concert may purchase up to three CD copies of that performance. Please note that due to duplication and licensing restrictions, Myers Recording Studio can provide a maximum of three CD copies of any MSM concert, recital or recording session CD.

To purchase a CD, fill out a Copy Request Form and submit it along with the applicable payment directly to the Precollege Office. Payments are accepted by check only; credit card payments are not accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to make a DVD for an upcoming audition. Does Myers Recording Studio do that?

Myers Recording Studio does not offer video recording services. However, you can book an audio recording session with Myers Recording Studio and hire a professional videographer to record the video, or bring in your own video camera to record the video portion yourself. You or your videographer can then take the high-quality recorded audio you receive from Myers Recording Studio and sync and edit it into the video.

Please note that Myers Recording Studio does not offer any video editing services; the combining of the video and recorded audio would have to be done by you or your videographer. For further questions, or to receive the listing of MSM-approved videographers, contact the Precollege Division or the Recording Services Manager.

How long does it take to receive my recording after the session?

At the end of the recording session, you will receive a CD with all recorded takes from the session. Once you listen to the CD at home and select your favorite takes, Myers Recording Studio can compile those selected takes onto a final CD if needed for an additional charge. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive a final CD of selected takes.

You may also book an in-person editing session in Myers Recording Studio with an engineer to splice portions of different takes together to form edited final takes. Please contact the Recording Services Manager for more information about editing sessions.

What is the Recording Release Agreement?

The release agreement states that in accordance with receiving permission to record with Myers Recording Studio, all individuals involved agree to abide by the contents of the agreement if the recording is used or distributed for anything other than personal purposes (e.g., promotional or commercial distribution). Anyone requesting a private recording session or recital recording must read, sign and submit the Recording Release Agreement. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them. Download the MSM Recording Release Agreement here.

What do I need to know about copyright?

For information regarding copyright law, please access the following Web sites:

Harry Fox Agency, Inc., was established in 1927 as a musical copyright information source and licensing agency for the music industry. HFA currently represents more than 27,000 music publishers and is the premier licensing resource for the mechanical use of music reproduced in all formats and media.

United States Copyright Office: Visit this site for information on the function and history of the Copyright Office, and details on the services they provide (including copyright registration). You can subscribe to the office’s free electronic newsletter from the site, or by sending an e-mail message to In the body of the message write: Subscribe USCopyright.

Additional sources for information on copyright include the National Music Publishers Association (, the Copyright Society of the USA ( and the Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center (

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