Student Recital Recordings

Myers Recording Studio records over 300 student recitals each academic year. Students who wish to have their recital recorded should follow the policies and procedures below.

For All Graduating Seniors

Standard stereo CD recordings of Senior Graduation Recitals (i.e. the recital needed to fulfill your graduation requirement, not including BM Junior Vocal Recitals) are offered at no additional cost to graduating seniors only. Please note that these recitals must take place in Greenfield Hall, Pforzheimer Hall, Myers Recital Hall, Mikowsky Hall, or the Bossi-Comelli Studio. Recitals cannot be recorded in Room 707 or at off-campus venues.

Students must submit the Senior Graduation Recital Recording Request Form along with any applicable payment* directly to the Recording Arts Office in Room 312 at least four weeks prior to the recital date. Failure to turn in the request form will result in the recital not being recorded.

*additional fees may apply for multi-mic recording requests, video recording requests and/or for recitals taking place in the Bossi-Comelli Studio.

For All Other Students

To request a recital recording, submit a Recital Recording Request Form along with the applicable recording payment directly to the Recording Arts Office in Room 312 at least four weeks prior to the recital date. You are strongly encouraged to request your recital recording as soon as you receive your recital date from the Scheduling Office as recording services are available on a first come, first served basis. Requests received less than 4 weeks prior to the recital will incur a $70 late fee.

Please note the following policies for ALL student recital recordings at MSM:

All student recitals are recorded by advance request only. Myers Recording Studio will make every effort to honor your request for a student recital recording. However, recording services are available on a first come, first served basis and are dependent on studio and personnel availability.

Any applicable payment for your recital recording is due when submitting the request form to the Recording Arts Office. It will serve as a deposit, which will be refunded if your request cannot be honored.  Payment must be in the form of cash or check only; credit cards are not accepted.

Students who cancel their confirmed student recital recording with less than four weeks' notice will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have my student recital recorded?

The Standard Stereo CD Recording Package costs $85 and includes the stereo recording of a recital of any length by a Myers Recording Studio staff engineer. You will receive one master CD of your recital performance. Extra CD copies are available for purchase by completing a CD Request Form in Room 312. For specific fees, please visit our Duplication Services page.

What is the Multi-Mic CD Recording Package?

By special request, multi-mic recording is available to students whose recitals are scheduled to take place in Myers Recital Hall or the Bossi-Comelli Studio. The fee for the Multi-Mic Recording Package is $125 ($50 for graduating seniors) and includes one master CD of your recital performance plus all WAV audio files of each recorded instrument track. Upon confirmation of your recital recording, you will be informed as to whether or not your request for multi-mic recording can be honored. Please note that an additional setup fee may apply to multi-mic recital recordings in the Bossi-Comelli Studio.

Where can my student recital be recorded?

Myers Recording Studio can record student recitals in Greenfield Hall, Myers Recital Hall, Mikowsky Hall, Pforzheimer Hall, Miller Recital Hall and the Bossi-Comelli Studio. Myers Recording Studio cannot record recitals given off-campus or in Room 707.

Do you offer video recording services for recitals?

Yes, HD video recording of recitals is available for recitals that take place in Mikowsky Hall. The HD Video Recording Package includes the digital download of the recorded HD video files from the recital. The HD Video + CD Recording Package includes the digital download of the recorded HD video files plus one audio CD master. Video DVDs are available for purchase for an additional fee as an alternative to the digital video file download.  

Please note that video files of recitals will not be kept past the end of the semester in which the recital takes place.

Video recording services are not offered in any other halls at MSM by Myers Recording Studio, but a listing of recommended videographers for hire is available in Room 312.

Who records my recital?

Myers Recording Studio's professional engineering staff records all student recitals only.

Can I bring in my own recording equipment and/or audio engineer to record my recital?

No. In accordance with MSM’s Recording Policy, all concerts, events and student recitals at MSM are recorded and engineered by the Myers Recording Studio facility and its staff only. Personal audio recording is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy can result in school sanctions.

Will I see a recording engineer before or during my recital?

Recitals in Greenfield Hall, Pforzheimer Hall, Mikowsky Hall, Miller Recital Hall, and the Bossi-Comelli Studio are recorded remotely from the recording studio control room, so you may not see a recording engineer before or during your recital.

Does Myers Recording Studio provide amps and cables for student recitals?

No, students are responsible for supplying their own amplification equipment and cables for all recording sessions, recitals and performances at MSM.

Do you lend or rent any recording equipment for recitals?

No, Myers Recording Studio does not lend or rent recording equipment under any circumstances.

What if I need a PA system for my recital?

A portable PA system may be signed out from the Office of Student Engagement. Jazz students are responsible for arranging their own PA requirements for recitals in cooperation with the Jazz Arts Department.

When can I pick up my recital recording package?

You will receive an email when your recital recording is ready, normally within 5-7 business days following your recital. During the peak recital and performance season of March-May, production will likely take longer. You may pick up your order in Room 312 between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, Monday through Friday only.

Can I get extra copies of my student recital?

Yes. You may order extra copies of your recital when you book your recital recording or at a later time. There is a limit of three additional copies. For specific fees, please visit our Duplication Services page.

What do I do if there are problems with my recital recording?

It is your responsibility to listen to your recital recording and notify Myers Recording Studio immediately of any problems. The studio will make any possible corrections within 30 days of your receipt of your recording order. After 30 days, you will be charged a $20 correction fee for any changes you request. You must fill out a Copy Correction Request Form in Room 312 to have your request processed.

Does Myers Recording Studio provide editing services for recital recordings?

No, Myers Recording Studio does not offer editing, mixing, mastering, or any other post production services for student recital recordings.

How do I cancel my confirmed recital recording request?

You must personally cancel your confirmed recital recording reservation with Myers Recording Studio. A $50 cancellation fee will apply if less than four weeks' notice is given.

Does Myers Recording Studio book activities in Myers Recital Hall?

No, only the Scheduling Office books classroom or performance space use. To inquire about booking a room at MSM, contact the Scheduling Office at (917) 493-4479.

What is the Recording Release Agreement?

The Recording Release Agreement states that, in accordance with receiving permission to record with Myers Recording Studio, all individuals involved agree to abide by the contents of the agreement if the recording is used or distributed for anything other than personal purposes (e.g., promotional or commercial distribution). Anyone requesting a private recording session or recital recording must read, sign and submit the Recording Release Agreement. Download a PDF of the Recording Release Agreement.

What do I need to know about copyright?

For information regarding copyright law, please access the following Web sites: 

Harry Fox Agency, Inc. was established in 1927 as a musical copyright information source and licensing agency for the music industry. HFA currently represents more than 27,000 music publishers and is the premier licensing resource for the mechanical use of music reproduced in all formats and media.

United States Copyright Office: Visit this site for information on the function and history of the Copyright Office, and details on the services they provide (including copyright registration).

Additional sources for information on copyright include the National Music Publishers Association (, the Copyright Society of the USA ( and the Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center (


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