Dean of Students

As Dean of Students I work hard to ensure that students have the support they need to develop fun and supportive friendships, create an ethos of cooperation and kindness, promote a healthy and vibrant student experience and make sure students find help when they run into difficulty. It is an honor to be a part of a place like Manhattan School of Music, with its tradition of excellence, its exciting location in the city I love, and its commitment to being a warm, accepting, caring place in an otherwise big old world! I am proud to play a small part in the nurturing of young musicians as they find their place in the community of artists and enter the “creative class.” I can’t think of a better place for a student to undertake this journey.

As Dean, I support the people that make student life at Manhattan School of Music possible. I have the utmost respect for my staff and am fortunate that I also genuinely like them as people. At Manhattan School of Music the entire Student Affairs team is accessible to our student body. I advise all students to take the time to know the staff in Student Engagement, Residence Life, the Campus Health Office and the Counseling Office and see what they have to offer.

At Manhattan School of Music being seen with the Dean does not mean a student is “in trouble.” As Dean I love to eat lunch, grab coffee or attend a concert with students. My door is always open when I am in my office (and closed when I am out at a meeting). Feel free to stop by if you need something or just to say, “Hello.” If the door is closed the staff in Student Engagement can make you an appointment to see me, or you can always email me at

Monica Coen Christensen, EdD
Dean of Students
917 493 4036