Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Student organizations enhance the education at Manhattan School of Music by providing an arena to discuss common interests, concerns, and ideas. They are designed to afford the student an opportunity to build leadership and interpersonal skills while contributing to the Manhattan School of Music community. There are several student organizations that work with the Office of Student Engagement to provide opportunities for community development among Manhattan School of Music students. Each student organization is organized by students with common interests. The students register their group with the Office of Student Engagement at the start of each academic year. Groups are open to full-time Manhattan School of Music students in good standing. Students are invited to initiate and register new student organizations in the office of Student Engagement.

Following is a list of other student organizations which have existed at Manhattan School of Music. Each of these was independently organized by concerned students with common interests and is sanctioned by the School. Students may rekindle a past organization or form new groups by registering with the Director of Student Engagement.

Korean Students’ Association
The Korean Students’ Association existed to support Korean students studying at Manhattan School of Music and to host activities and events which celebrate Korean culture and tradition. All students interested in sharing or learning more about the Korean culture and tradition were welcome. 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Club (GLBT)
The purpose of this organization was to foster visibility, political awareness, and collegial understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students of Manhattan School of Music and between gay and straight community members. This will be achieved by sponsoring educational and awareness programs in addition to social activities dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. 

Pan-African Student Union
The purpose of the Pan-African Student Union was to provide a sense of unity, support, and cooperation among the Manhattan School of Music students of African descent. In addition, this organization will provide educational and social opportunities for the entire Manhattan School of Music community to come together to learn about and celebrate the rich heritage, history, and contributions of persons of African ancestry. This was done by sponsoring cultural activities and educational workshops relating to African heritage and culture. 


Private clubs or organizations of any nature that are not specifically supervised by a member of Manhattan School of Music’s administrative staff are not allowed to actively recruit MSM students.

The School reserves the right to take action against a student group for conduct prohibited by the School’s standards of personal and group conduct. Such acts of misconduct by students engaged in organized activities of registered student organizations, whether committed on or off campus, are subject to disciplinary action. An organized activity is any activity that is conducted under the auspices, sponsorship, or supervision of a registered student organization.