Applying for Housing

Watch this video for more information on Housing Selection!

In Order to participate You Must:

    1.  Pay your Housing Prepayment
      You can pay online via Paypal by accessing the Student Portal via the link above. This link will be available beginning March 13th and must be paid by April 7th to receive a priority selection number. 
    2. Fill Out your Housing Application
      Click the link to fill out and submit your application.
    3. Attend Housing Selection Day
      On Selection Day you will have the opportunity to choose your room and roommate for the upcoming school year during your assigned selection time. Your selection time will be sent along with your selection number. 

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that students have various commitments throughout the day and may not be able to  commit to  Housing Selection during their assigned time. The Office of Residence Life strongly believes that students should not miss academic commitments to attend Housing Selection. 

If you are not available at the time you are assigned, you may designate a “Deputy” to select your room for you. The Deputy must have a signed “Deputy Form”. Deputy Forms can be found here as well as at the Office of Residence Life. You will be bound by your Deputy's selection, so please make sure that s/he/they clearly understand your room/roommate preferences.


Students who have paid their prepayment by April 7th will be issued a priority housing selection number based on the time of submission of their housing application. Students who do not pay their prepayment by April 7th will be issued selection number that takes place after students with priority numbers.If you are requesting a Housing Exemption or Medical Accommodation, the documentation for these requests must be turned by March 31st to the Office of Residence Life. You may find these documents below.

Below are the dates, times, and locations you should be aware of if you would like to participate in the Housing Selection Process. As always, please contact the Office of Residence Life if you have any questions.

Click here for information regarding Rates and Fees 




March 13th

Housing Prepayment Link made Available

Residence Life Website/MyInfo section of the MSM Students Page

April 7th

Priority deadline for housing applications

Residence Life Website/MyInfo section of the MSM Students Page

April 8th 9:55am-10:05am

Housing Application Link made Available

Residence Life Website

April 11th

Residence Life will begin sending out priority selection numbers

Your MSM Email Inbox

April 19th 

Housing Selection Day

Office of Residence Life


Required students who would like to be considered to live off-campus must complete and return the Housing Exemptions Form by March 31st. Forms are available on the MSM Student Website or at the Office of Residence Life. The completed form and accompanying documents should be submitted to the Office of Residence Life.  You can submit your completed forms by email or snail mail.  You must apply for exemption from this requirement each year if you are required to live on campus. Please keep in mind, exemption requests are often denied and it would be ill-advised to make alternate housing arrangements prior to receiving a confirmation that your request has been approved.

Any student who would like to live in Andersen Hall and requires specific disability accommodations should request via our Medical Accommodation form. Students must complete the both the Medical Accommodation form and the Physician Verification form. All forms must be returned to the Office of Residence Life, no later than March 31st. You can submit your completed forms by email or snail mail. The Office of Residence Life will make every effort to meet the needs of incoming students.


Due to the first and second year student residential requirement, specific floors and rooms will not be available for the housing selection process. This restriction will limit the number of spaces that will be readily available for returning students to select and may result in a waitlist for housing. When the demand for space for first and second year students has been satisfied, the additional spaces will be offered to students based on the processes listed in this document. Any additional questions can be answered by contacting the Office of Residence Life. Waitlisted students will be notified of their status, and will be contacted and placed as rooms become available.