Joan's Closet

Thursday October 5, 2017
Ades Auditorium at Manhattan School of Music

Joan's Closet featured on New York's CBS2 October 2013, available online now.

Joan Ades featured as a Donor of the Day by The Wall Street Journal.

Joan's Closet, a labor of love established by Joan Taub Ades, a member of MSM's Board of Trustees, was created to provide gently used lady's formal and semi-formal audition and recital attire. More than 200 female students benefit each year with clothing ensembles given free of charge.The ninth annual Joan's Closet, open exclusively to female Manhattan School of Music students, will take place at Manhattan School of Music's Ades Performance Space on October 5, 2017.

When a future world-class musician at Manhattan School of Music is preparing for an audition or recital, what she wears is important when making a first impression upon a judge or audience. Depending on a performer's discipline, attire can play a vital part in the total presentation. Cellists and harpists should wear long full skirts; pianists often wear strapless gowns so they have free range of motion in their arms and shoulders; and vocalists will often opt for a cocktail dress or gown. Now with Joan Taub Ades' vision, generosity, and dedication, female MSM students are fortunate to be provided with these essential items that are so important to their musical career. We hope that you can help Mrs. Ades in her mission.

Joan's Closet is looking for the following items:

  • dresses
  • gowns
  • shoes
  • shawls and wraps
  • accessories

Ways to Donate

We thank you for your in-kind donation to Joan’s Closet. All donations MUST be accompanied by a donation form in order to be accepted. Please list the donated items, along with a value for the items on the donation form linked below. An official tax deduction receipt and acknowledgement letter will be provided to you from Manhattan School of Music.

Donations can be dropped off in person and accepted at Manhattan School of Music and at Jeeves.

Manhattan School of Music
Mailing Address:
120 Claremont Ave.
New York, NY 10027
Please send packages ATTN: Joan’s Closet

Monday-Friday l 9AM-5PM
For more information contact Elizabeth de Almeida or by phone at 917-493-4490.
For personal drop-offs, Manhattan School of Music is located on the northwest corner of Broadway and 122nd Street
Donations and completed donation form are accepted in person or by mail

39 East 65 Street,
New York, NY 10065
212 570 9130
Monday–Friday | 8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday | 10 AM to 4 PM
For this location only: Donations and completed donation form are accepted in person only

Donation Form

Joan Taub Ades

Joan Taub Ades is a prominent member of New York’s premiere music philanthropic circles. Six years ago, Joan quietly created “Joan’s Closet,” which provides female students at Manhattan School of Music (MSM) with appropriate clothing for auditions, concerts, and recitals, at no charge. Much like a job interview, Joan believes the performers need to “look the part,” and with her knowledgeable guidance, she has provided hundreds of students with the proper attire.

Through Joan’s continued generosity, and the generosity of other donors, nearly 200 female students will again receive full outfits this year in October at MSM. The students will receive guidance on what to wear, and leave the space with a showtime-ready outfit, courtesy of “Joan’s Closet.” Joan and her husband Alan have been long-time supporters of MSM. Alan is a former board member, and Joan’s dedication to the school reaches well beyond “Joan’s Closet.”

Joan is in charge of the school’s vocal competition, and she has also spearheaded additional MSM innitatives including Music for the Seasons, an interactive concert series that brings stellar students and alumni to perform at NYC care programs and facilities. Interactive dialogue is a hallmark of this series and allows for the audience and musicians to share insights, associations, and responses to the music. Recently, under Joan’s guidance, Music for the Seasons expanded to include jazz programming at Project Renewal, a nonprofit that empowers homeless men and women suffering from addiction and/or mental illness to move permanently from the streets or shelters to health, homes, and jobs.

As a key component of their philanthropic efforts, in 2007, MSM opened the Alan M. and Joan Taub Ades Performance Space. This versatile performance and event space accommodates 215 people and is outfitted for performances featuring dance, theater, or multimedia elements. Joan is also a former board member of the American Ballet Theater, served as president of Horizon Concerts, and was a docent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among many other activities. She has a graduate degree from New York University.

Currently, “Joan’s Closet” is open exclusively to all female students at MSM. As “Joan’s Closet” continues to grow, she hopes to eventually include clothing for male performers.


Office of Advancement


Office of Advancement
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