Audition Information

All applicants who have completed their online application and passed prescreening (if applicable) must audition in order to be admitted to MSM. To learn more about the application, please click here. To learn more about prescreening, please click here.

Below are some topics to help you learn more about the audition process at MSM.

·         Audition Dates

·         Scheduling Requests

·         Audition Repertoire

·         Accompanist Information

·         Recorded Auditions

·         Admissions Results

Audition Dates

We will send you an email no later than February 1st to let you know when your individual audition date, time and location are available on your MSM Admissions Portal. To learn more about your MSM Admissions Portal, please click here.

IMPORTANT: You should not purchase travel tickets until MSM has notified you that your individual audition has been scheduled. We post a preliminary schedule on our website. These dates can be used to get a general idea of when your audition might be, but occasionally these dates can, and sometimes do, change. Nothing is final until we email you with your specific date and time.

If you participated in the USA Schools of Music Asia Audition Tour, please visit our International Applicants page to make sure that you have met all the requirements. 

Scheduling Requests

We do our best at to lessen any audition conflicts you might have. You may request a specific date for your audition by using the dropdown menu on the “Audition Info” tab located in your MSM Admissions Portal. You will only be able to select dates during which your auditions are taking place; so, if your instrument has four scheduled audition days, you will only be able to choose one of those four days. You cannot choose a day that is not in the dropdown menu. MSM will only consider date requests that are submitted before January 5th.

Audition Repertoire

On the day of your audition, you will fill out a repertoire form (provided for you) with the pieces that you will present to the faculty. For most auditions, you will choose your first piece, and the faculty will choose the next piece(s). You must be prepared to play all of the pieces you have listed on your repertoire form.

For all Jazz applicants, in addition to the repertoire form, you must also bring an additional typed list of your entire jazz repertoire to the panel. One copy is sufficient.

To find out the audition repertoire requirements for your instrument, please see below.

Classical Program
Choral Conducting
Collaborative Piano
Double Bass
Orchestral Conducting
Pinchas Zukerman Performance Program

Contemporary Performance Program
Contemporary Performance 

Jazz Arts Program
Drumset and Hand Percussion
Saxophone, Clarinet, Harmonica, & Flute
Violin, Viola, and Cello

Musical Theatre Program
Musical Theatre

Orchestral Performance Program
Orchestral Performance 

Accompanist Information

Please see below which instruments and programs require an accompanist. If your instrument is not listed, please do not bring an accompanist. If your instrument requires an accompanist, MSM will provide one for you at your audition at no cost. If you prefer to bring your own accompanist, you may do so.

Classical Program:  Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Viola, and Voice
Jazz Arts Program: All Jazz majors will have a combo provided

Orchestral Performance Program: Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, and Viola

For Classical and Orchestral Performance applicants, your accompanist’s contact information will be posted in the “Audition Info” tab located in your MSM Admissions Portal. You must bring scores for your accompanist. If you are using photocopies, please make sure to secure them in a binder so that it will be easy for your accompanist to turn the pages at your audition. If you choose to arrange rehearsal time with your MSM accompanist, it will be at your own cost. The accompanists have a very limited amount of rehearsal time and it is necessary to contact them well in advance if you wish to set up a rehearsal. If you choose not to rehearse with your accompanist ahead of time, you still must contact your accompanist in advance of the audition so that they may review your music.

For Jazz applicants, you will not have the contact information for your combo members ahead of time; you will meet the rhythm section immediately before your audition. You must provide music for the rhythm section. If you wish, you may provide your own rhythm section, but play-along recordings are not acceptable.

Recorded Auditions

We understand that some applicants may not be able to travel to New York for a live audition. A live audition is always in your best interest, of course, but if you prefer to submit a recorded audition, please read the requirements below to make sure that you are eligible to do so.

You are eligible to submit a recorded audition if:

-          You live outside of the continental United States

-          You are applying for Choral Conducting, Cello, Double Bass, Harp or Tuba

-          You are applying for the Barnard/MSM Cross-Registration Program (excluding Composition)

A recorded audition does not replace prescreening. If your major requires prescreening, you must submit prescreening videos in order to be considered for an audition.

Please note, if you are applying for Musical Theatre, Collaborative Piano, Composition, Orchestral Performance, the Doctoral of Musical Arts, or Artist Diploma Program, you are not eligible for a recorded audition. You must audition live in order to be considered for admission.

All applicants who sign up for a recorded audition will be contacted by Admissions. You must upload your videos by February 15th or you may not be considered for admission. Your recorded audition will be adjudicated by our faculty during audition week. Your admission results will be posted to your MSM Admissions Portal by April 1st.

Admissions Results

Admissions results are available no later than April 1st. Provided that we have received all of your required materials, we will send you an email to let you know that your admissions result is now available on your MSM Admissions Portal. Admissions results are not available over the phone. Successful auditions are not the only criteria that determine your final admissions status. The Admissions Committee reviews all of the required application materials. An invitation to attend MSM cannot be made without them. To review the required materials, please visit our Application, Dates and Deadlines page and our International Applicants page

2018 Audition Week

February 23, 2018-March 2, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Audition dates are subject to change. These are listed as a convenience to give you a general sense of when auditions for most instruments will take place. Most will likely stay the same, but since some audition dates for some instruments could change, applicants should NOT make travel plans until notified by MSM that their individual audition has been scheduled.