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Campus Health Nurse Office

It is proven that students who are in good physical and mental health are able to perform better and have better academic outcomes. Good health also aides in creating a positive school environment overall. The MSM Campus Health Nurse Office provides a culturally-competent and holistic approach to medical care that will help support and encourage students to succeed during their time here at MSM and beyond. Whether you have a medical question that needs answering or an ongoing medical issue that needs some attention, the Campus Health Nurse Office is a good place to start! Visits are conducted on a WALK-IN basis only. Health and wellness services are available free of charge (insurance is NOT required to visit the office) to both residential and non-residential students Monday through Friday during the academic school year. Services provided include: basic first aid and triage for minor injuries and illnesses; coordination and case management of students’ health needs; promotion and education of positive health behaviors; linkage to community health resources and services. Starting March 2017, come check out MSM's new Wellness Salon, Monday–Friday, 12:30–1:30 PM in the Blounge. If further follow-up by a physician or other medical provider outside MSM’s Campus Health Nurse is warranted, you may be required to provide proof of medical insurance coverage.

The Campus Health Nurse can help refer you to providers in the area. A partial list is available here.

The Campus Health Nurse also coordinates the Student Health Insurance Program.

MSM Noon-Time Wellness Salon

March 13–May 5, 2017 
Monday–Friday, 12:30–1:30 PM in the Blounge

  Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday
  Mindfulness and
  Stress Reduction
  Pilates   Yoga Flow   Pilates   Mindfulness and
  Stress Reduction

No registrations required. All classes are free. No prior training needed.
Please bring your own yoga mat to all classes. 

Useful Forms

1.) Notice of Privacy Practices
2.) Receipt of Privacy Practices
3.) Permission and Consent for Treatment
4.) Release of Protected Health Information Authorization Form

HIPAA and Understanding Privacy Practices

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Help In Other Languages

Counseling Center

College life can bring both ups and downs for students. Some situations students encounter will be small and manageable, others may be moderate and increase anxiety or impact mood. At MSM students should never a need to feel to take on any problem or issue on their own. In addition to our Resident Assistants, Director of Residence Life, Director of Student Engagement and Dean of Students, we also have the Manhattan School of Music Counseling Center. The Counseling Center is located in the 1st floor of the Main Building and is open to all MSM students.

Seeking counseling with a therapist does not mean you are crazy. Quite the opposite, it means you recognize that you're not able to function as well as you have been. Therapy can be a helpful way of understanding what is problematic and how to think about it and address it in a successful way. It is also a way of addressing more ongoing issues, as well as promoting self-growth. All information you share is confidential.

The Counseling Center offers each student 8-10 free sessions of short-term, confidential counseling. If longer term treatment would be helpful or is necessary, the psychologist working with the student will provide a recommendation.

Counseling Staff Hours and Contact Information

dental resources

The Campus Health Nurse can help refer you to providers in the area. A partial list is available here. Please visit for even more options.

Campus Health Nurse,
Rm 105

Susan Mitchell, RN, BSN 

Room 105

Counseling Staff

MSM Counseling Center
Room 104 & 106
On-call emergencies: 

Dr. Michele Bartnett, Ph.D.
MON | 11 AM–3 PM
WED | 11 AM–4 PM

Dr. Peter Haddad, Ph.D. 
THURS | 10 AM–4 PM

Dr. Vanessa Bing, Ph. D 
FRI | 9:30–1:30 PM

Dr. Shara Sand, Psy. D
*On-Call Emergencies 917-734-9168
FRI | 11:30 AM–2:30 PM

Dr. Michael Alcée, Ph. D
Mental Health Coordinator
WED | 10:30 AM–4:30 PM