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The Center for Music Entrepreneurship (CME) is a key link between potential employers and the highly talented students and alums of Manhattan School of Music (MSM). In addition to sharing a range of job listings, the Center coordinates referral services connecting MSM musicians with the larger community.

Performer Referral Service

Our Performer Referral Service connects those looking for performers for a special event with MSM musicians. We frequently help to facilitate music for a range of weddings and ceremonies, receptions, and all types of corporate and social gatherings in the greater NYC area and beyond. 

If you are looking to hire a musician to perform at a special event, please complete THIS FORM.

We will contact you once we review all of the relevant information, including the time, location, and nature of your event, as well as other details such as budget and special requests. This information enables us to then act as a liaison in referring musicians best suited for your event. We are always happy to answer any questions via email or phone at 917 493 4502.

Private Teacher Referral Service

Our Private Teacher Referral Service offers those seeking music lessons access to qualified private teachers. This service functions separately from School’s on-campus College and Precollege and those programs' private instruction offerings.

To request a list of private teachers, please email cme@msmnyc.edu or call  917 493 4502 and provide us with the following information:

  • Your full name 
  • Phone and e-mail
  • Instrument/voice category (such as flute, guitar, or soprano)
  • Discipline (such as classical, jazz, or musical theater)
  • Level and age of student
  • Neighborhood where you'd like lessons to take place

Once we hear from you we will then share a Teacher Referral list that contains basic information about potential teachers. All listed teachers are either former or current students of the School. The listing including degrees earned and areas of teaching experience; both will assist you in deciding which teacher(s) you would like to contact. Lessons arranged through this service would be taught either in the client’s home or at the teacher’s studio/home. Any lessons arranged through our Teacher Referral program will not be taught at the School and are not part of an official academic program. This service is not for those seeking to become students at Manhattan School of Music or to study with our College or Precollege faculty members.

Those seeking music instruction for non-beginner children might also be interested in the School’s prestigous Precollege Division, which offers a full day of lessons, ensembles, and classes for ages 5–18, accepted by audition.

To become part of the Musician and/or Teacher Referral rosters, MSM students and alums should click here for important details.

Sharing Other Opportunities

In addition to our Performer and Private Teacher Referrals, the Center shares a range of professional music opportunities—both ongoing and one-time —with the MSM community. These include performance, composition/arranging, direction, teaching and other music-related jobs and often fall into one of the following categories:

  • Recital / Concert / Performance Work and Casting
  • Orchestral / Ensemble Work
  • Church / Synagogue / Religious Work
  • Teaching Positions (Institutional)
  • Other Music-Related Positions (Administrative)

Listings are made available in the Center and are also shared electronically, including through our social media channels. Depending on the opportunity, the CME can often further assist employers' hiring process by targeting a specific population of qualified applicants and encouraging interested candidates to then contact the employer directly.

To share details about an opportunity, employers are asked to email us the following information about the opening:

  • Full contact information for the hiring party
  • Job description and responsibilities, including as needed: whether it is full-time, part-time or one-time employment; dates, times and location(s) of work; instruments/voices needed (please be specific)
  • Necessary qualifications
  • Compensation offered
  • Application method, materials required, and timeline


Casey Molino Dunn, CME Director
Astrid Kuljanic, CME Coordinator
Eric Umble, CME Coordinator

917 493 4502
Room 113, near the main lounge
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