Tribute Gifts are a unique way for a donor to honor a current or former faculty member, mentor, friend, or loved one. Donors may wish to contribute to the Tribute Giving Program by honoring someone dear to them; alumni may choose to celebrate the dedication of a current of former faculty member. Gifts may be allocated for a specific department or fund (gift amounts are kept confidential).

There are three kinds of Tribute gifts at Manhattan School of Music:

Christina Fountain Loeffler (BM 2009, Voice), Chicago, Illinois:

“I recently gave my first donation to MSM to honor my former teacher. Hilda Harris has been an unbelievable presence in my life, not just as a teacher but as a mentor and role model. I’m glad to have the opportunity to help pave the way for many more Hilda’s to come! Her legacy is one to be honored and remembered, and I was proud to do so by supporting MSM.”