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Music History Faculty Position

Faculty Position Profile

Appointment Type: Adjunct Faculty
Position: Faculty Instructor
Department: Music History
Reports To:    Dean of Academic Core
Start Date: on or about September 1, 2022

Manhattan School of Music enrolls nearly 1000 students in undergraduate, graduate, post-masters, and doctoral programs each year. Students major in performance (jazz/classical), musical theatre, and composition. Students enrolled at MSM hail from nearly all 50 states within the United States and approximately 50 countries. The rich tapestry of students’ backgrounds and cultures gives MSM faculty an opportunity to create dynamic classes and performances, and all faculty use MSM’s Cultural Inclusion policy as a guide for bringing musical, literary, and historical examples to promote diversity within the curriculum. MSM values innovation and inclusivity, and seeks a faculty member who will thrive in an environment that promotes students’ personal and professional development as artists and humanists.

MSM seeks a part-time faculty member to teach elective Music History courses, specifically for the Fall 2022, the course “History of Music by Women Composers” will be assigned. As a Music History elective, this course enrolls undergraduate and graduate students and is a three-credit hour course. Additional courses may be assigned in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 upon review of candidate’s qualifications and area of expertise.

MSM seeks candidates who demonstrate college-teaching experience and can demonstrate well-developed syllabus that provide clear expectations, deadlines, and assessment appropriate to the level of course and conservatory environment. The ideal candidate will have experience of successfully utilizing technology in the classroom and as a resource to improve student learning. Familiarity with teaching in person and online coursework is preferred.

MSM has a strong commitment to Cultural Inclusion evidenced by the faculty’s pedagogical commitment to create coursework and curriculum with musical, historical, and scholarly examples that bring diversity and inclusion as it pertains to gender, race/ethnicity, citizenship, sexual orientation, and able-ness. The qualified candidate will also demonstrate a collaborative spirit with faculty colleagues, working within and across departments in curriculum development.

All faculty participate in regular course evaluations using student feedback to address areas of improvement. MSM is committed to supporting new faculty’s pedagogical and professional growth and information about new faculty orientation and year-long programming will be shared upon hire.


  • Earned doctorate or ABD status
  • Minimum of two years of teaching applicable discipline in a higher education environment, preferably with courses taught to music majors
  • Evidence of successful teaching through course evaluations and/or observations of peers through a faculty review process.
  • Evidence of teaching a culturally inclusive curriculum
  • Evidence of continued professional development and relevancy in teaching discipline

Application Requirements

  • Cover Letter, addressing credentials, teaching experience, professional commitment to pedagogy, student development/engagement, and cultural inclusion
  • Current C.V.
  • Reference list that includes contact information for at least three professional colleagues familiar with the candidate’s teaching

Submission and Deadline for Applications

Submit complete applications via the online application form HERE (https://airtable.com/shrLPRZTuN7DvTuZ9).

Review of applications will begin immediately due to the vacancy anticipated for Fall 2022.

Manhattan School of Music’s Mission Statement

Manhattan School of Music is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity; to the humanity of the School’s environment; to preparing all our students to find their success; and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community. A premier international conservatory, MSM inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realize their potential. We take full advantage of New York’s abundant learning and performance opportunities, preparing our students to be accomplished and passionate performers, composers and teachers, and imaginative, effective contributors to the arts and society.

Learn More

Visit Manhattan School of Music’s website (www.msmnyc.edu) and social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

MSM Employment Statement

Equal employment and equal educational opportunity have been and will continue to be fundamental principles at Manhattan School of Music, where employment and enrollment are based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination or harassment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, the status of being transgender, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship or veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Manhattan School of Music does not permit retaliation against individuals who oppose a discriminatory practice or participate in an investigation.


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