Concert Attendance

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For every serious student of music at Manhattan School of Music, attending concerts is a vital and important part of the total educational experience.

Approved Concerts & Master Classes Eligible for “Concert Attendance”

Attending School concerts and master classes is the perfect opportunity to integrate all aspects of the artistic and academic curriculum of the School: private lessons, performance classes, theory, music history, and aural skills. In our great array of musical events at Manhattan School of Music, a student may critically analyze and absorb a variety of styles and traditions of music from the whole world of music: Classical and jazz, instrumental and vocal, ensemble and solo. School concert attendance is the great opportunity to hear music brought to life by the entire community as well as distinguished visiting artists.

Students registered for CA1000 are required to attend 7 major concerts and/or master classes per semester. Performance in any portion of an approved concert does not count toward fulfilling the Concert Attendance requirement.


The Office of the Registrar registers every student for Concert Attendance each successive semester until the requirement is fulfilled. A student who has no intention of meeting the requirement in any given semester must petition to drop it from his or her schedule that semester; otherwise a grade of F will result and remain on the student’s transcript even after the requirement is fulfilled. Since no credit is attached to Concert Attendance, such failures will not affect the student’s Grade Point Average.

Not all concerts are approved for concert attendance. Be sure the concert you attend is on the approved list. We cannot be responsible for erroneous or misleading information in individual concert advertising. The official list is the ONLY guarantee that a concert is approved for Concert Attendance credit.

For each approved concert on the concert attendance list that you attend, you must bring your MSM ID card, as this will be the ONLY way your attendance at the concert can be recorded. If you have lost your ID card, you must get a new one. You will not be able to receive credit for the concert at a later time. Similarly, if you forget your ID card at home, you will not be able to receive concert attendance credit.

At the end of the concert, the house ushers will scan the barcode on your MSM ID card with a scanner, similar to the ones in the cafeteria. This will record your attendance for that concert into a central database that will keep a running tabulation of your concerts. As the house ushers will not wait long after the concert has ended and ID card scanning has been completed, you should get your card scanned immediately at the end of the concert, after which point you may go attend to other business (congratulating friends, meeting conductors, etc).

Attendance at fewer than 7 concerts in any given semester will result in a failure, as we do not roll over concerts from one semester to the next. Additionally, only concerts in multiples of 7 will fulfill additional concert attendance requirements.

At any time in the semester, you may check your concert attendance online on the MSM student portal. Attendance is posted within 48 business hours of the end of the concert.

Manhattan School of Music rules of academic honesty apply to required Concert Attendance. Any student misrepresenting attendance at a concert will immediately receive an “F” for the semester.

Undergraduate students (BM/DP)

Required for 6 semesters (out of 8); must register for Concert Attendance first semester enrolled and each subsequent semester until requirement is fulfilled. The requirement for transfer students is prorated; please consult the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Graduate students (MM/PG/PS)

Required for 2 semesters (out of 4) for MM/PG students; Required for one semester for PS students; must register for concert attendance first semester enrolled and each subsequent semester until requirement is fulfilled.

Setting the Stage Reminder:

In addition to attending concerts, all Bachelor of Music students in the classical and jazz programs as well as Master of Music and Professional Studies candidates in Accompanying, Contemporary Performance, Orchestral Performance, and Orchestral Conducting have a Setting the Stage requirement. These students are required to attend five Setting the Stage career workshops by the time they graduate. These workshops are hosted by the Center for Music Entrepreneurship (CME) throughout the school year. To receive credit for attending, students need to have their MSM ID scanned at the end of an event. Additional details about this semester’s workshops will soon be shared.