Juries & Recitals

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Every student must take an annual Jury Examination in May, scheduled through the Office of the Registrar.

There is a Sophomore Continuation Jury to ensure that a student’s progress merits continuation in his or her program of study. Jury comments are available to be read in the Office of the Registrar one week after the date of the student’s jury.

A student who is absent from the Jury Examination without prior approval will receive a failing grade and automatically be placed on academic probation.

A graduation recital and/or jury, if required, must take place within the final thirty (30) credits required to complete a degree and once the student has less than two (2) semesters of major lessons remaining. A date for the recital must be applied for in the Scheduling Office. The recital program must be approved by the major teacher and the department chair, and a copy of this program must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar as part of the student’s graduation requirement.

Doctoral candidates should refer to the appropriate course sequence plan (found by major) for performance requirements.

If the concerto (Piano majors only), graduation project (Accompanying majors only), graduation jury and/or recital requirement is not met by the time the student has completed the full-time major lesson requirement, students will be required to perform the graduation performance requirement during the subsequent semester and must register for half-time (7) major lessons. Students must be registered through the School for major lessons until completion of the graduation performance requirement. Students who wish to participate in Commencement must fulfill all performance and academic requirements prior to the date of Commencement.

No Jury Examination (annual, advanced-standing, or graduation) may be used as an audition to another program of study.




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