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Disability Services and Academic Accommodations

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Manhattan School of Music strives to provide all admitted students with the educational auxiliary aids and other reasonable accommodations which are necessary to permit a student with disabilities the opportunity to succeed in their studies.

The Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Crystal Wilson, coordinates academic accommodations for students with disabilities, as well as any other student needs occasioned by disability status. Appropriate accommodations and/or academic adjustments will be provided on a case-by-case basis for students who register a disability with the Assistant Director of Student Engagement. Special housing accommodation requests should be directed to Samantha Tymchyn, Director of Residence Life,

All documentation related to a disability, including correspondence, accommodation requests, reports, and accommodation records, is considered confidential. We will not release any such records or identifying information to any outside entity without the student’s specific written permission, except in the case of a court order. Written or oral disclosure of specific disability-related information to Manhattan School of Music staff and faculty on a need-to-know-basis may be made only with the student’s written permission provided via the Release form.

In addition, students seeking disability services and academic accommodations must supply recent written documentation of a disabling condition from a qualified medical practitioner or educational psychologist that identifies the type of disability, describes the current level of functioning in an academic setting and lists recommended accommodations. Please allow two weeks from receipt of the documentation for the Assistant Director of Student Engagement to coordinate academic accommodations.

Please note that Manhattan School of Music cannot provide:

  • Restructuring of the curriculum to address a student’s particular learning needs
  • Unlimited leaves of absence or permission to entirely avoid attendance expectations outlined in the Manhattan School of Music policy regarding attendance outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • Unlimited time for examinations
  • Accommodations which are unduly burdensome to the educational institution as a whole
  • Financial support based solely upon a student’s disability status or for personal services.

Legal Rights Notification From New York State:

All colleges are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations in the form of auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities. The accommodations may include things like:

  • taped text
  • Braille books
  • assistive listening devices
  • note takers
  • large print materials
  • videotext displays
  • interpreters
  • talking calculators
  • test accommodations
  • readers
  • television enlargers

Each college will determine on a case-by-case and course-by-course basis whether a need exists, based on documentation, and what accommodation is appropriate.


Disability Identification Form
Disability Release Form
Testing Accommodation Form 


Crystal Wilson
Assistant Director of Student Engagement