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Manhattan School of Music 2021 Sexual Misconduct Campus Climate Survey

In New York State, all colleges and universities survey their students about their knowledge of campus policy related to sexual violence and their experiences as college students every other year. This year, MSM adapted a survey created by the State University of New York. In Spring 2021, 255 students responded to the 2021 Campus Climate Survey (29% of enrolled students).

Many of the questions asked students to share how informed they are about the resources available for victims of sexual misconduct and on sexual misconduct policies and procedures for the entire School community. Some of those responses are listed below*:

87% of respondents were aware the MSM has policies and procedures specifically addressing sexual assault

63% of respondents said they knew how to contact the Title IX Coordinator

73% of respondents said they knew how to report a sexual assault

79% of respondents said they knew the definition of Affirmative Consent

The 2019 MSM Sexual Misconduct Campus Climate survey yielded similar results. That year, 126 students (12.7% of enrolled students) responded to the survey. They told MSM that

85% of students reported that they were familiar or very familiar with MSM’s Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy

80% of students said they could find MSM about the policy on the MSM website if they needed it.

77% believed they could find the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information if they needed it

76% of students agreed that if they experience sexual misconduct they would report it to the Title IX Coordinator or to Residence Life

*If you would like to review the results of the survey in full or have any questions about the survey, please reach out to the Title IX Coordinator.

Carol Matos
Title IX Coordinator

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