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New Jersey Transit Discounts

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MSM students: Get on board with a 25% discount on NJ Transit Mobile Student monthly passes

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to purchase a rail, bus, or light rail mobile student monthly pass at 25% off the regular monthly pass price, when you enroll online through NJ TRANSIT’s Mobile Student program. 

To sign up and become a special Mobile Student discount member: 

  • Log onto MSM Student Portal (link needed) 
  • Located in “Other” section is a link to the NJ TRANSIT discount programs 
  • Fill in all required fields on the registration form 
  • Verify your full-time status and student (.edu) email address 
  • Download the NJ TRANSIT App and buy your Mobile Student Monthly Pass 

After you sign up, the discounted student pass can be purchased directly from the NJ TRANSIT mobile app. Passes may be purchased from the 19th of the preceding month through the 10th of the month that the pass is valid. 

Why Mobile Student Monthly Passes?

Mobile passes offer the convenience of purchasing and displaying your student monthly pass on your mobile device. No need to pre-pay or wait for a paper ticket in the mail. Buy at your leisure. 

Internship Policy

Full-student interns, who are enrolled at MSM full time, may purchase a student monthly pass as long as the internship is through the school as part of a program to obtain a degree, it is an unpaid internship, and the school is in NJ, NY or PA. The school must write a letter on school letterhead stating that the internship is a required part of the school program to obtain the student’s degree. 

Existing Mobile Student Monthly Users

If you are an existing Mobile Student Monthly customer, you need to reactivate your account at the start of each semester.

Here’s how: 

  • Log into to  MSM Student Portal (link needed), click on Other Services, then NJTRANSIT Quik-Tik and select Reactivate Monthly Pass 
  • Login to NJ TRANSIT with your student (.edu) email and the password 
  • Verify your full-time status and student email address 
  • Buy your Mobile Student Monthly Pass 

It’s important to remember

  • Download the NJ TRANSIT app  
  • Open the app and tap BUY  
  • Sign in with your .edu email and password  
  • Select a Student Monthly pass and pay for it in the app  
  • Monthly passes are available for purchase from the 19th of the previous month through the 10th of the month the pass is valid 
  • On the 1st of the month your student pass will display in the app 

Students who participate in this program agree that the monthly pass is for their exclusive use only. Each student is eligible to receive one discounted monthly pass per month. Passes are non-transferable. Any abuse or purposeful deception will result in the cancellation of the student’s monthly pass account, and (s)he will be unable to participate in the program in the future. This will also apply to any other student who is knowingly involved.  

NJ Transit Contact Information

  • Main number: (973) 275-5555 
  • NJ Transit Police: 1 (800) 242-0236 
  • Security Hotline: 1 (888) TIPS-NJT 
  • Lost and Found: (973) 275-5555 
  • NJ Transit website 

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