Carolyn Watts

College Faculty:
Music History

Carolyn Watts, Music History Faculty

Carolyn Watts received a PhD in Musicology from Princeton University in 2022, prior to which she received an MA in Musicology at the University of Ottawa and an HBmus from Lakehead University. Her research concerns the intersections of music and dance, centering on twentieth-century modernism and American ballet. Her dissertation focuses on the career and enlightenment agenda of Russian dancer-choreographer Adolph Bolm (1884-1951). Her work has appeared in American Music, and she has a forthcoming publication in Dancing on the Third Coast: Chicago Dance Histories (University of Illinois Press). In 2022, Watts participated in an NEH Summer Institute in Chicago called “Making Modernism: Literature, Dance, and Visual Culture in Chicago, 1893-1955.”

Watts’ research has been supported by the Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the American Musicological Society-Newberry Library Short-Term Fellowship, and the Roy Dickinson Welch Fellowship in Music (Princeton University). She has taught at Princeton, Montclair State University, and Mercer County Community College, and is the Music History Examiner for Conservatory Canada.


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