Elizabeth Gartman

Precollege Faculty:

Composer and soprano Elizabeth Gartman, currently based in New York City, received her Master of Music degree in composition in 2021 from Manhattan School of Music, where she studied composition with Susan Botti and voice with Lucy Shelton. As a composer, she calls attention in her work to the implications behind the vocal instrument and the physical body and explores themes of process in performance, as well as active listening and response. As a performer, she has a background in classical voice and is dedicated to the contemporary dramatic stage, with a current emphasis on new works.

One of two finalists in Beth Morrison Projects’ 2021 BMP: Next Gen Competition, Elizabeth Gartman was also the recipient in 2021 of the BMI Student Composer Awards’ William Schuman Prize for Most Outstanding Score, the Karl Canter Prize for Orchestral Composition, and the Giampaolo Bracali Composition Award, among other prizes. Other accolades include having been recognized as a finalist for the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Awards in 2021 and 2019.

Elizabeth Gartman is dedicated to educating students of all ages and to helping each and every student find their unique voice.

Manhattan School of Music Precollege faculty since 2021.

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