Jude Traxler

Guest Co-Director of MSM Percussion Ensemble (College)

Jude Traxler is an experimental and conceptual artist living in New York City. Both as a composer and percussionist, he aims to create new works that sift a familiar soundscape of pan-diatonic chord progressions through beats that push one’s rhythmic constitution to the brink. With strict structures and rules, chance operations are controlled and every fleeting melody comes out as if clean-distilled from sonic chaos—like running your favorite chords through a cheese grater.

A multi-instrumentalist, Jude Traxler has played with a wide range of contemporary classical and experimental groups across the U.S., including Mad Coyote, futureCities, the Knells, Mantra Percussion, and Echo Artifact, among others. Traxler’s compositions have been performed across North America by numerous groups and individuals, including the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Hamirüge, The Living Earth Show, Tempus Fugit, Ekmeles, futureCities, and Mangobot. He has performed, conducted, and recorded works for Cat Crisis, Innova, New Amsterdam, Bourbon Thomas, Cantaloupe, and New World Records.