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Watch inspiring performances posted on social media by MSM Musical Theatre students

Do you have a performance that you’d like to share? Please tag us at on Instagram, and @msmnyc on Twitter and Facebook, and use the hashtag #MSMBridgingTheDistance

Raffaela Cicchetti (BM ’20, Musical Theatre) and David Gabriel Lerner (BM ’20, Musical Theatre)

“Radio” by Emily King

Musical Theatre Students

“Imagine” by John Lennon

Featuring: Maria Tramontozzi (BM ’21), Sarah Thorn (BM ’21), Paul Esswein (BM ’21), Cameron Anthony (BM ’21), Katherine Parrish (BM ’21), Jordan Kliphon (BM ’21), Ariela Pizza (BM ’21), Samantha Hahn (BM ’21), Johnathan Saminski (BM ’21), Joey Zook (BM ’21), Jasmine Rodgers (’19), Regina Brown (BM ’22), Elizabeth Baxley (BM ’21), Veronica VanAvermaete (BM ’21)

Watch more #MSMBridgingTheDistance Performances:

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