Center for Music Entrepreneurship

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The Center for Music Entrepreneurship (CME) helps MSM students and alumni develop successful, sustainable careers.

Due to COVID-19, beginning the week of March 23, after our extended spring break ends, MSM moves to online learning through the end of regularly scheduled classes on May 1. For the remainder of the semester no in-person classes or Setting the Stage workshops will be offered.

Details will soon be shared with students about the online delivery of the CME’s academic offerings, including an expansion of how May 2020 graduates with the Setting the Stage requirement can complete it online.


The CME is focused on turning ideas into action – it provides MSM students and alumni resources, “next step” mentoring and inspiration toward innovative career paths, income streams, and business models that are transforming the profession.

The CME offers:

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Casey Molino Dunn, CME Director
Chris Vaughn, CME Coordinator

Room 113
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“The CME offers students practical, real world experience, and the opportunity to cultivate the skills and contacts necessary to succeed in the professional marketplace.”

Director, CME