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Search our Opportunities Board for longer term opportunities.

This online database builds on the success of sharing opportunities on Facebook as well as the large bulletin board outside of our office (Room 113), but allows for a significantly enhanced user experience. As we continue to expand the Board additional types of opportunities (in theater, technology, etc.) will be included.

Job Opportunities are grouped by category, with the most recently posted entries on top: (Performance, Music Education, Competitions & Grants, Training, Arts Administration/Production and Internships). Use the arrows on the left to collapse or expand each category/date, or create a filter or sort function in the table to search for specific instruments or genres. (Due to current software limitations, sorting and filtering options are not yet available when viewed on a mobile device.)

If you need login information: please email your name and MSM affiliation (for students, please include major and graduation date) to For alumni, please email Lauren Frankovich at

(For information regarding on-campus employment for current students, click here.)
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