MSM Community Partnerships

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Manhattan School of Music’s community partnerships program provides high-quality musical performances and instruction to over 3,500 New York residents.

MSM Community Partnerships Program connects with thousands of New Yorkers by performing and bringing music to schools (preK – grade 12), senior living resid​ences, hospices, and other community centers throughout New York.

MSM Community Partnerships is generously supported by grants from the Cornelia T. Bailey Charitable FoundationA.L. and Jennie L. Luria FoundationThe Barker Welfare Foundation, Anonymous Family Foundation, and the Rubin-Ladd Foundation.

Mission of the MSM Community Partnerships program:

  1. Provide opportunities for MSM students to learn how to be effective artist-educators
  2. Engage the local community through high-quality, interactive musical experiences

Application Forms

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Contact Us

Rebecca Charnow, Director of Community Partnerships
917-493-4404 |

Donna Galvan, Assistant Director of Community Partnerships
917-493-4475 |

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