Scheduling & Practice Policies

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Learn more about MSM's policies for scheduling and practice.

About Scheduling

The Scheduling Office is working remotely until further notice. The office is open 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday and reachable at or by calling 917.493.4472. Manhattan School of Music provides practice space to registered students in good standing. This policy provides the most equitable use of practice rooms within the constraints of the School’s facilities. Any student violating these policies is subject to disciplinary action. The Scheduling Office may cancel or move bookings in case of emergencies.

General Room Usage Policies

  • Food and Drink are not allowed in practice rooms with the exception of water in a closed container.
  • Students are not allowed to teach private lessons in any rooms at MSM.
  • Students are not allowed to book rooms for the express purpose of recording. If a student wishes to book a recording session at MSM, please visit the Recording Arts Office in Room 312.
  • School officials reserve the right to enter a practice room at any time to monitor appropriate use of space and students compliance with all policies outlined here.
  • MSM is not responsible for any items left or lost in rooms.
  • Please refer to MSM’s Piano Policy for additional policies on Pianos at MSM.

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