Hire A Musician

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Manhattan School of Music students and alumni are world-class performers. Here's how to hire a MSM musician for your event or project.

To hire a performer:

If you are looking to hire a musician to perform at a special event, please complete this form.

Additional details are below about using our Private Teacher Referral Service or sharing a long-term opportunity with the MSM community. 

For special events: we will contact you once we review all of the relevant information, including the time, location, and nature of your event, as well as other details such as budget and special requests. This information enables us to then act as a liaison in referring musicians best suited for your event.



Our Performer Referral Service connects those looking for performers for a special event with MSM musicians. We frequently help to facilitate music for a range of:

  • Weddings and ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Corporate events
  • Social gatherings

Performers are available in the greater NYC area, and beyond.

This program is organized by the Center for Music Entrepreneurship. The CME is a key link between potential employers and the highly talented students and alums of Manhattan School of Music. Find out more here.

To share a longer term or non-performance related opportunity with current students and alumni, see the Share Other Opportunities section below.

“Live performers added the perfect ambiance to my event, and the student performers from the Manhattan School of Music were incredibly talented, reliable, and easy to work with.”