Liz Geisewite

College Faculty

Liz Geisewite is a Brooklyn-based conductor, singer, teacher, and choral music enthusiast. Most recently, Liz served in NYC public schools from 2012-2022 teaching high school music and developing curriculum. She is the current Treble Choir Repertoire and Resources co-chair for the NY chapter of the American Choral Directors Association and has been a member of Carnegie Hall’s Music Educators Workshop since 2015. A student of the Kodály method of music education, Liz has taught Kodály musicianship classes for the National Children’s Chorus (NCC) and studied Kodály methodology at NYU, the British Kodály Academy, and the International Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary.

She is a former conductor for the BYC training division as well as the NCC. In 2009, she co-founded Accord Treble Choir, which was selected to perform at the 2012 and 2020 ACDA Eastern Division conferences in Providence, RI and Rochester, NY, respectively. In addition to directing Accord, Liz is the Artistic Director of Brooklyn Treble Choir, an adult community choir based in Park Slope. She earned a BA in Peace Studies and studied music with Dr. Debra Lynn at Manchester College. Always driven by a dual passion for social justice and music, Liz later completed an MA in Vocal Performance at Truman State University and an MS in Education at Long Island University.

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