William Bolles-Beaven

Precollege Faculty:
Ear Training, Theory

William Bolles-Beaven, Theory and Ear Training Faculty

William Bolles-Beaven believes art is an action and often attempts to ground his work in the circumstances of that action: interviewing performers, considering the social/historical realities of a space, exploring methods of coordination. Central to his approach is the belief that art is at its best when it mimics the complexity of life and when it challenges us. In order to explore that complexity, concrete and abstract ideas alike are often explored dialectically in his music.

Bolles-Beaven received his Bachelor of Music in composition from Oberlin Conservatory in 2018, studying with Elizabeth Ogonek. While enrolled, he grew interested in embodied cognition as well as the German language and linguistics.

After receiving his bachelor’s, he taught English to Austrian high school students in the province of Vorarlberg, which affirmed his desire to teach and made him more aware of the complexities of language.

In 2021, Bolles-Beaven graduated with his master’s degree in composition from Manhattan School of Music where he studied with Reiko Füting. During the program, he grew to see music as a social statement and an action. Upon graduating, he was awarded the Nicolas Flagello Award, given to a graduating composer, and the Carl Kanter Prize for his thesis.

Currently, William Bolles-Beaven is based in New York City, where he composes, engraves, and teaches. As a music theory and ear training teacher, William aims to show how the concepts covered in class can be used to make meaning by questioning composer decisions and investigating the students’ curiosities.

More information can be found at: williambollesbeavenmusic.com

Manhattan School of Music Precollege faculty since 2022.

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