April 30, 2021 7:30 pm

MSM Opera Theatre presents
The Family Dynamic–Untangling the Ties That Bind

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APR 30 | FRI
7:30 PM EDT


Tazewell Thompson, Director of Opera Studies


The Family Dynamic – Untangling the Ties That Bind

Featuring scenes from Cendrillon, Idomeneo, Lucia di Lammermoor, Serse, Arabella, Carmen, Highway 1, USA, A Quiet Place, and Candide.

A. Scott Parry, Director
Bryan Wagorn (DMA ’13), Music Director


FAMILY (noun)

1. The basic societal unit traditionally consisting of parents and their children
2. A collection of individuals living under the same roof
3. Persons of related ancestry or those sharing common characteristics
4. Any group united by certain held convictions or affiliations

Although there are many definitions of what a family is, and any number of ways that they may be constituted, what exactly are the core elements underneath that ultimately tie them tightly together or tear them inexorably apart? Why does this unique bond exist that so intimately binds us each to the other and yet also repels us so? How can the family unit be such a source of solace and support while simultaneously being the root of so much tension, heartache, and shame?

With the scenes that follow, we explore many circumstantial variations that may help to shed some light on the familial attachments in which we might find ourselves entangled, and perhaps show ways that we can contextualize our own particular pushes and pulls found within them.

Apart from these specific scenarios, however, it is my hope that we might eventually see beyond our own unique families, those we alternately hold dear and malign, and instead discover a wider communal definition from which we may draw even greater acceptance and support—regardless of color, creed, race, or religion— that of the whole human family.

– A. Scott Parry

MSM Opera Theatre productions are made possible by the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation and the Joseph F. McCrindle Endowment for Opera Productions at Manhattan School of Music.

Students in this performance are supported by the Edgar Foster Daniels Scholarship in Voice, the International Advisory Board Scholarship, the Judith Raskin Scholarship, the Licia Albanese Scholarship, and the Margaret Hoswell van Der Marck Scholarship in Opera.

We are grateful to the generous donors who made these scholarships possible, including the Licia Albanese Puccini Foundation, Edgar Foster Daniels, the Chisholm Foundation, Dr. Jonathan Raskin, and Dr. Lisa Raskin, among others.

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