July 27, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Read two statements from President Gandre to the MSM Community, regarding #BlackLivesMatter, including the announcement of a major 2020-21 initiative.

Watch MSM’s #BlackLivesMatter Town Hall, featuring student participation, held on Thursday, June 4, 2020:

MSM’s #BlackLivesMatter Town Hall took place on Zoom last week, with a focus on creating a communication space, offering a circle of support, and answering questions from our Community. You can watch below:

Watch the MSM #BlackLivesMatter Town Hall held on June 4, 2020

“Thank you for attending! I’m glad that there was a space to create dialogue and spark more ideas for change. It was a pleasure being able to use my voice to help facilitate the beginning of more to come!”

— Rayna Campbell, President, MSM Black Student Union

“I am honored to have been invited to speak at this event that we were so fortunate to have had at MSM. This event has opened up so many other important conversations, and while it was a great first step, it has made it very clear that we have so much more work to do. I am excited to continue to take part in these times that will mark MSM on the honorable side of history!”

— Chira Bell, President, MSM Student Council

In times like these, I am reminded of MSM’s Mission: “preparing our students to be…effective contributors to the arts and society.”  Let us live this motto to the fullest in every way.

MSM President

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