March 20, 2023

Brooke Barowski (BM ’25) is a featured performer in MSM Musical Theatre’s Paperboy!

MSM Musical Theatre presents the world premiere of Paperboy running for four performances only in Neidorff-Karapti Hall from March 24 to 26.

Brooke Barowski (BM ’25) tells us about the show, why she enjoys studying at MSM, and what she has planned for the summer.

Brooke grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and recently moved to Knoxville, Tennessee before coming to New York City to study musical theatre at Manhattan School of Music with Andrea Green. Brooke’s passion is musical theatre as well as reading, spending time with her dog, and advocating for disability rights.

Watch the video preview of Paperboy:

What is Paperboy about?

Brooke: Paperboy tells the story of a resilient young boy known as “Paperboy” who faces a plethora of challenges such as the wrath of neighborhood bullies, learning how to navigate life, and communicating with a speech impediment. Audience members will go on an emotional journey as we see Paperboy navigate life and develop a sense of self-love and a sense of belonging.

You are featured in Paperboy — tell us about your character!

Brooke: In Paperboy, I play a spunky bar patron who is celebrating her birthday. She believes it is going to be the best day of her life and all she wants to do is dance the night away. This all comes to a halt when… well, you’re just going to have to come see the show to find out!

As this is a world premiere, how has it been in rehearsal? Has there been anything that has taken you by surprise?

Brooke: The rehearsal process has been nothing short of spontaneous and fun! Given that this is a new work, it has been so great getting to watch the creative team and actors work together to bring the text alive. No rehearsal has been exactly the same and this has contributed to a consistently positive environment with high energy.

“I wanted to attend a school where everyone shares a common love for music. There is a beautiful uniting factor that music provides within a community that just can’t be beat.”

Why should people come and see Paperboy? 

Brooke: People should come see Paperboy because many will relate to the journey of the characters in one way or another. At some point of our lives we have all felt like we have not belonged or we weren’t good enough. This show captures those feelings and how to overcome them in a unique and beautiful way.

Why did you choose to study musical theatre at MSM?

Brooke: For starters, I was amazed at all of the accomplishments of the faculty. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to learn from those who know what you are going through. Secondly, but in fact, most importantly, I wanted to attend a school where everyone shares a common love for music. There is a beautiful uniting factor that music provides within a community that just can’t be beat. Finally, the location. There is so much to do and see everywhere in NYC.

What’s next for you?

Brooke: I am so excited to be attending a callback for an A Capella group in Massachusetts that would provide gigs and performances all summer long. It would be an incredible opportunity to have. Singing and collaborating are two of my greatest passions, and having the opportunity to join this group for the summer would allow me to happily pursue them.

If you could add any song from Paperboy to the soundtrack of your life, what would it be and why?

Brooke: It would have to be “Ride it Out.” This song is introduced towards the beginning of the show but presents a strong theme that is carried throughout.

It’s a song about putting yourself out there and not giving up “’til you make your move.” It not only shows the potential and resilience Paperboy possesses, but also shows resilience from his nanny, Rain. Upon hearing this song, we see a beautiful connection between Paperboy and Rain as they help one another, without necessarily realizing it.

Don’t miss Brooke in Paperboy!

MAR 24 | FRI
7:30 PM

MAR 25 | SAT
2 & 7:30 PM

MAR 26 | SUN
2 PM


Based on the novel of the same name by Vince Vawter

Don Stephenson, Director
Liza Gennaro, Choreographer
Miles Plant, Music Director

The Sunday, March 26 performance will include a talk-back following the performance.

Tickets Required
$30 Adults
$15 Seniors and non-MSM Students

Neidorff-Karpati Hall
130 Claremont Ave
New York, NY 10027

Brooke Barowski (BM '25), Musical Theatre

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