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August 17, 2017

What’s New at MSM

This summer, President Gandre announced that we completed a series of campus-wide improvements and upgrades that will greatly enhance MSM’s learning environment for our young artists in the years ahead.

One of the summer’s most exciting developments was the addition of 18 new (temporary) practice rooms located in Andersen Hall. There have been significant upgrades to classrooms throughout the School, with new carpeting, new furniture, and fresh coats of paint. In addition, we installed new, brighter, and more energy efficient LED lighting throughout the School, which has literally brightened our days and nights here at MSM. They have made a huge difference. Also: the overhaul of the School’s 47-year-old air conditioning and heating system is underway.

And our major performance venues received upgrades as well. In conjunction with the Distance Learning and Recording Arts Department, a grant was utilized to complete enhancements to our video capabilities, including the addition of new HD projectors, Blu-ray players, robotic HD video camera infrastructure – all of which will enable increased and better video recording of student recitals, private recording sessions, and of course MSM performances and Distance Learning events.

Greenfield, previously known as Hubbard Hall

Perhaps most exciting is the planned restoration of Borden Auditorium. We have identified the architect who will lead the upcoming Borden restoration, a project which will both modernize the hall’s infrastructure and restore our premier venue to its original Art Deco-era splendor.

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