Meet the Admission Team

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Our admission counselors with MSM College, MSM Precollege and MSM Summer would be happy to answer your questions!

The College Team

  • Melissa Cocco-Fernandes

    Vice President for Enrollment Management

  • Jonathan Herbert

    Assistant Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid

  • Julia Bair

    Associate Director of Admission

  • Kiarri Andrews

    Assistant Director of Admission

  • Emma Davis

    Assistant Director of Admission

  • Ellen Segarra

    Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

  • Chira Bell

    Financial Aid Counselor

  • Emmalie Tello

    Digital Marketing Associate for Enrollment

College Admission:



The Precollege Team

  • Enrique Márquez

    Assistant Dean for Youth Programs and Director of Precollege

  • Tiffany Bizup

    Program Administrator

  • Alphonso Ramirez

    Artistic Operations Coordinator

  • Ari Janssen

    Administrative Coordinator

Precollege Admission:



The MSM Summer Team

MSM Summer Admission:


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