February 2, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month at MSM
February 2021

Join us for a month of events celebrating Black History Month, including: Instagram takeovers and a live episode from the hosts of Classically Black Podcast, and in-depth student-led conversations with cultural influencer Garrett McQueen and composer and performer M Lamar.

FEB 10  |  WED

Instagram takeover with Dalanie Harris

Tune in for an Instagram takeover on MSM Instagram with Dalanie Harris, co-host of Classically Black Podcast.


Instagram takeover with Katie Brown

Tune in to MSM Instagram to spend the day with Katie Brown, co-host of Classically Black Podcast.

FEB 11  |  THURS
6 PM to 7 PM

A Conversation with Composer and Performer M Lamar

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on Zoom with composer and performer M Lamar along with Teagan Faran (MM ’22) and Nicole Brancato (MM ’22), students from the Manhattan Music Contemporary Performance Program.

FEB 12  |  FRI
7:00 PM EST

Live Classically Black Podcast on MSM Instagram

Join Dalanie Harris and Katie Brown as they talk all things classical music and being Black in the profession.

FEB 17  |  WED
5 PM

Harlem, The Lost Generation (1918-25): Black Excellence in Classical Music in the Shadow of The Great Migration

Bill Doggett returns to MSM to lead a seminar on the Harlem Renaissance and the rich history of classical music in the early 20th century.

5 PM to 6 PM

Jarvis A. Green: “Telling Black Stories with Black Joy”

Join us for an interview with theater producer and artistic director Jarvis A. Green and MSM student Alesha Jeter (BM ’23).

FEB 24 | WED
5 PM to 6 PM

The Bigger Picture with Garrett McQueen and MSM Black Student Union members

Bassoonist Garrett McQueen presents a new perspective on Black musical history, and will be joined by members of MSM’s Black Student Union.

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