December 8, 2020

CPP students bring interactive sound and art installation to MSM’s campus Dec 7 to 15

Students in the Contemporary Performance Program (CPP) have created MSM’s first on-site Sound/Art installation, on display in the student lounge December 7–15.

The installation, entitled Tactus Tetris, features seven interactive exhibits highlighting the artistic works of CPP’s resident ensemble, Tactus.

One of the exhibits called Portals by Han geul Lee uses the classic arcade game “Snake” as a vehicle for soundscape generation. Another, Getting Through It by Jordan Bartow is a mixed-media sound installation that uses audio clips submitted by members of the MSM community. Also on display are current performances by Tactus that are streamed on the MSM website.

The exhibits are open all all times to experience by anyone currently working or studying at the School.

CPP students are on hand to guide users through the installation each weekday from 2:00–4:00pm.

The CPP musicians have created a webpage on Teagan Faran’s website that gives insight into each of the seven “blocks” in the exhibit. Their artistic statement reads as follows:

Taking inspiration from the 7 Tetris blocks, the Contemporary Performance Program’s first ever sound installation, Tactus Tetris, explores the idea of individuality as we work to fit into a larger whole. How are we unique? How does that help us fit together? What happens to us when too much stacks up? How can we come together to reset when it’s all too much?


Tactus Tetris is on display in the student lounge from now until Tuesday, December 15.

Tactus Tetris Credits:

General Curation – Nicole and Teagan
Artistic Design – Alyson, Emmalie, Gabe, and Laura
Tech Crew – Jordan and Han
Ambient Sound Design – Maxine, Laura, and Jon
General Exhibit Prep – Steph, Maxine, Makana, and Jon
Web Design – Teagan
Tactus Artistic Director – Margaret Kampmeier

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