April 5, 2023

Madeleine Keane (BM ’23) is a featured performer in MSM Undergraduate Opera Theatre’s production of Dido & Aeneas

Soprano Madeleine Keane (BM ’23) from Milwaukee, WI performs the role of Belinda in MSM’s Undergraduate Opera Theatre’s production of Dido & Aeneas APR 4 and 6. Madeleine spoke with us about the upcoming opera, her time at MSM, and her summer plans.


Soprano and MSM student Madeleine Keane has been singing since she made her debut at the age of eight with the Florentine Opera. She has won numerous regional, national, and international awards and scholarships and has sung in renowned venues across the country, including Carnegie Hall, Summerfest, The National Opera Center, and Walt Disney World.

This past summer, she made her Italian debut, singing at historic venues including Basilica di San Crisogono (Rome), Teatro Angelo Mariani (Sant’Agata Feltria), Piazza San Francesco (Ravenna), and Teatro Vittoria (Pennabilli). This past winter, she sang the partial role of Anna (Nicolai’s Die Lustigen Wieber von Windsor) in Scena Shakespearean with the Manhattan School of Music.

MSM Undergraduate Opera Theatre presents:

Dido & Aeneas 

APR 4 & 6 | TUES & THURS
7:30 PM

Henry Purcell, Composer
Nahum Tate, Librettist

A. Scott Parry, Director
Chun-Wei Kang, Music Director

Tickets required for this event:

$15 for adult tickets
$10 for student/senior tickets

Greenfield Hall
130 Claremont Ave
New York, NY 10027

Tell us about Dido & Aeneas, what is this opera about?

Madeleine: Dido & Aeneas follows the tragic love story of the powerful Queen Dido of Carthage who fears that falling in love with the Trojan Prince Aeneas will make her a weak ruler. After trying to resist her fate, she falls deeply in love with Aeneas. Meanwhile, an evil Sorceress devises a plan to destroy Carthage and Queen Dido by tempting Aeneas to leave Dido and sail away to Italy. Aeneas believes this plan is the gods’ decree, so he follows through on it. Dido, distraught, pushes him away and dies of a broken heart.

Why should people come and see this production?

Madeleine: It’s an early-music masterpiece delivered by our incredibly gifted team including A. Scott Parry, Chun-Wei Kang, and brilliant musicians both onstage and in the strings ensemble.

You’re singing the role of Belinda, how has the rehearsal process been?

Madeleine: It’s been a joy to sing the role of Belinda! Studying this role under Scott’s and Chun Wei’s direction has been exciting as we focused on expressive communication through tone-painting and interpretive movements as opposed to realistic gesture. I adore Belinda’s music and her character because she is a lot like me: a loving, cheerful, and optimistic little sister who is endlessly supportive of her sibling.

“We have the most knowledgeable, experienced, talented faculty and access to excellent opportunities and networks. MSM was the obvious choice for me.”

Why did you choose to study Voice at MSM?

Madeleine:  My teacher, Cynthia Hoffmann, is the reason I am at MSM. I transferred here specifically for her, and I am glad I did. We have the most knowledgeable, experienced, talented faculty and access to excellent opportunities and networks. MSM was the obvious choice for me.

Why do you think studying in NYC is important?

Madeleine:  New York is the best place to not only receive a first rate education, but also to be immersed in music at the highest caliber with access to The Met, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, and so on. It is especially important to study in a city as beautifully diverse and as rich in art and culture as New York.

Any fun summer plans?

I can’t wait for summer! I will be spending most of the summer singing and visiting family in Italy and the UK. I will also be the guest vocalist for the American Legion Band.

What would Senior Madeleine tell Freshman Madeleine?

Madeleine:  There is so much I’d tell Freshman Madeleine. I’d tell Freshman Madeleine to always listen to her gut instinct. Trust yourself. I would also tell Freshman Madeleine that the greatest blessings come in the most unexpected ways, so relentlessly keep your optimism, curiosity, and persistence.

What is your go-to off campus spot?

Madeleine:  I go to Dominique Ansel Workshop every weekend for their weekend special. It’s a pastry shop around Madison Square Park. I go there so often that I have become friends with a few of the employees! It all started when I had the ambition to try every single Dominique Ansel creation, and I’ve been successful. I’m obsessed!

(Madeleine and the “What-A-Melon Soft Serve” from the Dominique Ansel  Workshop)

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