March 20, 2024

MSM Faculty Spotlight: Reiko Füting, Dean of Academic Core and Head of Composition, discusses the graduate student experience at MSM

We spoke with Reiko Füting (DMA ’00), Dean of Academic Core and Head of Composition, who tells us a bit about the graduate experience and curriculum here at MSM!

Reiko Füeting (DMA ’00), Dean of Academic Core and Head of Composition.

As Dean of Academic Core and Head of Composition, can you give applicants an overview of the graduate and post-graduate curriculum and what a schedule might look like?

Reiko: “Generally, the curriculum consists of a variety of activities which are intended to cultivate a variety of skills.  These activities depend on the particular major but commonly consist of major lessons, ensembles, academic classes, and performance classes.  There are required courses as well as electives, so our students have to possibility to participate in building their schedules to a certain degree.”

In your opinion, what makes the MSM graduate and post-graduate academic experience special?

Reiko: “Manhattan School of Music is passionate about excellence.  At the same time, Manhattan School of Music realizes the constantly changing place of art in society and is creating a conversation around the meaning and the specifics of the artistic and musical practice.  I find this continuous search incredibly special.”

What advice would you give to people considering attending MSM?

Reiko: Be yourself (I realize that sounds like a cliché, but it’s true!) while setting the highest standards for yourself.  MSM is proud of its rich and diverse community, and we are thrilled about every unique and different contribution to that remarkable space.

How does the academic curriculum prepare graduates for success after graduation?

Reiko: MSM believes knowledge is powerful if it is paired with critical thinking.  I also believe in the importance of being both practical and idealistic, and in the importance of being flexible.  MSM aims to provide a rich variety of experiences to our students which will allow them to navigate through their life — artistic and beyond — with meaning.  This includes the continuous conservation about the relevance of what we do.

Reiko Füting (DMA '00) pictured with his studio in Sakura Park.

What are you currently listening to?

Reiko: At the moment I am primarily listening to the music of the German early Baroque composer Johann Herrmann Schein and Blues.

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