October 11, 2022

MSM Spotlight
Featured musician Marcos Ruiz (BM ’23) on the Oct 13 MSM Philharmonia Orchestra concert:

“The intensity of this program will be unparalleled.”

Flutist Marcos Ruiz (BM ’23) was the winner of the 2021-22 Eisenberg-Fried Concerto Competition (woodwinds) and was featured in the MSM Philharmonia Orchestra concert at MSM on October 13. He gave us a preview of the concert a few days before the performance, and shared why he values studying at MSM.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Marcos Ruiz began playing flute at age 10 and moved to New York City to study at Manhattan School of Music under Linda Chesis. His dream is to earn a full-time spot in an orchestra and to teach  aspiring flutists.

In Florida and New York, Marcus has been featured in orchestras and in music festivals, and placed in competitions, such as the 2022 Eisenberg-Fried Concerto Competition (woodwinds), the Florida All-State Concert and Symphonic Band, the New World Symphony Side-by-Side Competition, and many more.

Marcus performs regularly in ensembles at MSM, where he also performs solo recitals and takes part in master classes.

7:30 PM

MSM Philharmonia Orchestra

Earl Lee (MM ’13), conductor
Marcos Ruiz (BM ’23), flute


Unsuk ChinC.P.E. BachPaul Hindemith, and Benjamin Britten


Why should people attend this concert? What makes it special?

Marcos: There are so many special moments at every MSM concert, and this concert won’t be any different. We’re playing masterful gems from the orchestra literature, like the fiery Symphonic Metamorphosis [Hindemith] and the colorful Four Sea Interludes [Britten]. The concert is led and conducted by the renowned Earl Lee, and I am beyond excited to be working with such an esteemed figure in today’s orchestral scene. The intensity of this program will be unparalleled.

“Playing in a MSM orchestra surrounded by your friends and colleagues not only makes you feel welcome and at ease, but also united as a group of artists actively pursuing what we all love to do.”

What do you love most about playing the C.P.E. Bach Flute Concerto? What’s the most challenging part about playing it?

Marcos: This C.P.E. Bach Flute Concerto in D Minor, H. 425 is a beautiful piece. There is so much tenderness the music pours between the soloist and the orchestra. The second movement in particular of this concerto has helped me get through some of my highest and lowest moments. It’s a beautiful and powerful sound poem, like a stray yet resilient leaf blowing in the wind. I am also incredibly grateful to be playing with harpsichord. Working with harpsichord is a unique and rewarding challenge that allows you to play in different colors you otherwise wouldn’t use. With that comes the variety of different articulations and a whirlwind of notes while still preserving poise and grandeur in your own manner. This for me is the biggest challenge. 

Marcos Ruiz (BM '23) playing with the MSM Philharmonia Orchestra, September 2022

What do you enjoy most about being part of MSM ensembles?

Marcos:  We are a loving community here at MSM, and being conducted and led by esteemed figures adds greatly to the experience. However, playing in an orchestra surrounded by your friends and colleagues not only makes you feel welcome and at ease but also united as a group of artists actively pursuing what we all love to do,  pushing ourselves to become ourselves with our craft and hearing music from different ears and perspectives. Orchestra is just one of many outlets for our artistic journey.

Why did you choose MSM to study flute? 

Marcos: I chose to study flute at MSM for my teacher, Linda Chesis. She has inspired and pushed me to become not only become a better musician and flute player, but a better person and artist. The knowledge she’s imparted is engraved in the musical stone of my heart. I am beyond grateful to be studying with such a leading figure in today’s flute world. My fellow flute colleagues are also incredibly talented, and I am constantly learning and being inspired by their musicality and creativity. I’d like to thank everyone who’s been on this path alongside me. 

Marcos Ruiz (BM '23) playing with MSM Camerata Nova, April 2022

What do you love most about MSM?

Marcos: MSM is an amazing place to be to form lifelong friends, mentors, and colleagues. It is without a doubt that MSM has one of the most vibrant and friendly communities of any music school. It’s a pool of worldwide talent that comes together to make beautiful music together. It’s a place where you come and feel at home, a place where you are encouraged to become the greatest ‘you’ you can be, a place where you reach for the stars. 

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