January 18, 2023

MSM student violist Ariana Mascari turns to MSM physical therapy to help treat long-standing physical limitations

Ariana Mascari started physical therapy with Dr. Eduardo Pereira at MSM because she was experiencing physical discomfort and pain while practicing and performing as a violist.

Ariana Mascari is a sophomore viola performance major at MSM who struggled with performance injuries in her wrists and back throughout high school. Arriving at MSM for her freshman year, her injuries were so acute that she had difficulty getting through rehearsals without intense pain. During the first week of school, she went to the MSM nurse, who recommended she see Dr. Pereira.

“I have now been working with Dr. Pereira for a year and a half, and I decided that I loved the program and its work so much that I wanted to join the team,” explains Ariana. “And so this semester, I have begun working as the Physical Therapy Student Aide!”

Ariana shares with us about her experience in the program and how it has helped her.

Learn more about the MSM physical therapy program and read an interview with Dr. Eduardo Pereira here.

Tell us about why you started physical therapy sessions at MSM?

Ariana: I had struggled with wrist tendonitis and back pain for years, and it was a constant limitation for me. My injuries were in control of my life.

How has the physical therapy help you’ve received at MSM improved things for you?

Ariana: I’ve learned how to strengthen my body so that my injuries can heal! Now, if they flare up from overuse in rehearsals and practicing, I have healthy techniques to treat them on my own. I have taken back control of my life from my old injuries, and with the exercises Eduardo prescribes, I can live and play without pain. [He] teaches me exercises that are tailored to help fix my injuries [and] about how I can help my muscles function in the healthiest way possible.

Ariana taking part in a group physical therapy session at MSM

What do you like best about these sessions? Why have they been necessary?

Ariana: I love seeing how much I’ve improved. There were so many exercises that I couldn’t do before working with Eduardo that I can now do easily. My body is more prepared for playing my instrument than it was…My muscles are now there for me when I need them, which means I am able to painlessly play with better technique and stamina.

Ariana performing with the MSM Philharmonia in October 2022

“I have taken back control of my life from my old injuries, and with the exercises Eduardo prescribes, I can live and play without pain.”

MSM student and violist

MSM Physical Therapy program

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